IPC Shooting World Championships
18-26 July

SUHL 2014 - Pre Competition Information


> TEAM LEADER MANUAL (updated 11 July 2014)

> Venue Map

> Competition Schedule


> Accommodation Booking Form (to be submitted by 21 April 2014)

> Team Official Accreditation Form (to be submitted by 19 June 2014)

> Transportation Form (to be submitted by 19 June 2014)

> Arms and Ammunition Declaration: PART 1 and PART 2 (to be submitted by 19 June 2014)

Dates of Competition

16-17 July 2014: Arrivals

17-18 July 2014: Classification, Equipment Control, Training

18 July 2014: Technical Meeting

18 July 2014: Opening Ceremony

19-26 July 2014: Competition

26 July 2014: Closing Ceremony

27 July 2014: Departures

Preliminary Programme

The finalised timetable and events programme will be published shortly.

Rules and Regulations

The competition will be conducted under IPC Shooting/ISSF Technical Rules and Regulations and IPC Shooting Classification Rules and Regulations.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for selection by an NPC for the 2014 IPC Shooting World Championships athletes must:

- hold an active IPC Shooting license for the 2014 Season

- be internationally classified with a “Review” (R) or “Confirmed” (C) sport class status before 19 June 2014.

- have achieved one (1) Minimum Qualification Standard (MQS) at an IPC Shooting Recognized Competition for each respective event between the 01 January 2013 and 19 June 2014 or having obtained an MQS performance during the London 2012 Paralympic Games.


Full details of the MQS levels required are available in the Competition and Eligibility Information Package

Maximum Entry per NPC

NPCs are allowed to enter a maximum of five (5) athletes for individual events and only one (1) team per event for team events.

Viability of Events

Events are considered viable if they have a minimum of eight (8) eligible athletes from four (4) countries entered through the Entry by Number. Team events (except R2, R8 and P2) will be considered viable if they have a minimum of four (4) eligible NPCs entered. R2, R8 and P2 team events will be considered viable if they have a minimum of three (3) eligible NPCs entered. Otherwise events are not considered viable and will be cancelled.