Ice Sledge Hockey Pan Pacific Championships
29 March - 2 April

Buffalo 2016: Team Pan Pacific Team Preview

What you need to know about Team Pan Pacific prior to the 2016 Ice Sledge Hockey Pan Pacific Championships, Buffalo, USA. 25 Mar 2016
Ice sledge hockey players in action on the ice

Satoru Sudo, Kazuhiro Takahashi, Pavel Kubes - Czech Republic vs Japan - 2015 IPC Ice Sledge Hockey World Championships

ⒸBill Wippert
By Kim McGreal | For the IPC


Japan were relegated to the B-Pool after finishing eighth in the A-Pool World Championships last season, and their team will be supplemented by players from other participating countries to help support their development.

They recently held a tournament in their home country, competing against South Korea, Italy and Czech Republic. Despite coming in last place, their play got better throughout the games, as they started to concede less goals and score more.

Key players

Despite the limited scoring opportunities that Japan have had in the past, Masaharu Kumagai is the players most likely to find the back of the net, and should be watched closely by the opposing teams.

Team roster

Shinobu Fukushima

Masaharu Kumagai

Eiji Misawa

Yoshihiro Shioya

Satoru Sudo

Mamoru Yoshikawa

Mathieu Trudeau

Tyrone Henry

Antoine Lehoux

David Eustace

Noah Grove

Ralph DeQuebec

Kyle Zych

Jack Wallace

Kyle Huckaby


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