Athletes embrace #HockeyAtHome

Para ice hockey players around the world are finding ways to stay active and healthy 08 Apr 2020
Two pictures side by side: a man in a wheelchair with a hockey goalkeeper outfit and a man standing and fishing
Finland's Timo Tikkanen (left) and Italy's Sandro Kalegaris at home during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown
By Stuart Lieberman | For World Para Ice Hockey

Around the world – from Canada to the Czech Republic – Para ice hockey players are finding ways to stay active and healthy and maintain their fitness during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Athletes are actively engaging in World Para Ice Hockey’s #HockeyAtHome initiative as they seek out new ways to train and maintain both their physical and mental health.

Here’s a look at what some athletes have been doing around the world.

Rico Roman, USA
The two-time Paralympic gold medallist and former U.S. Army Staff Sergeant took to his backyard with a garden shovel and chairs to put together a new setup that would keep his arms strong.


Michal Geier, Czech Republic 

The three-time Paralympian and Most Valuable Player from the 2019 World Championships set up a hockey net and platform in his backyard to practice his sharp-shooting skills.


Timo Tikkanen, Finland

The double above-the-knee amputee, who just joined the sport in Finland last year, is using this time to try out new goaltending gear in his kitchen.


Christina Picton, Canada

Lucky enough to live around some beautiful nature, the captain of Canada’s women’s para ice hockey team has been getting on her mountain board each day to use the same muscles she would in a sledge on the ice.


Gabriele Lanza, Italy

An Italian national team member since 2015, Lanza put down a mat in front of his television screen to prepare for some at-home full-body workouts. 


Sandro Kalegaris, Italy

While this may not be a #HockeyAtHome exercise like his teammate did, Italy’s top scorer Sandro Kalegaris has been trying out some different sports at it’s home, where last week it was “fish o’clock.”


Vincent Coudignat, France

The athlete from France, who also plays on a club team in Torino, Italy, showcased his favourite home stick handling drill as an exercise for those who must stay in place.


Josh Pauls, USA

The captain of the US national team provides a suggested fitness workout from one of his coach’s to help stay in shape at home. 


Frank Rennhack, Germany

The German national team star offers a training exercise where you don’t need many supplies and don’t need to move very far.


Lena Schroeder, Norway

And while everyone is practicing #HockeyAtHome, let’s not forget about Lena Schroeder working on the front lines. In 2018, she became the first female Para ice hockey player in 24 years to take part at the Paralympic Winter Games.

Now, having recently received her medical degree, she’s working on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic as a doctor in Norway and had the following message for the World Para Ice Hockey community.