Fabio Torres on a selfless mission

Colombian powerlifter delivers food for those who lack resources in Bogota during COVID-19 outbreak 14 May 2020
Colombian powerlifter Fabio Torres
While helping Colombia in the fight against COVID-19, Fabio Torres continues to train looking ahead to Tokyo 2020
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By Santiago Menichelli

Colombian powerlifter Fabio Torres and his wife Arelis Cantillo Villegas knew they had to do something to help people in their country during the COVID-19 outbreak. They could not just stand by.

In February 2020, they created the foundation 'Gestión, Amor y Vida' (Management, Love and Life) to "assist people with disabilities, older adults and children of low income" in Bogota. The pandemic hit their budget, but did not stop them from helping others.

When the government allows it, Fabio and Arelis go out to deliver food to those who need it most. Sometimes they spend 10 hours per day doing so. "We are doing this so that many people who live of their day to day work, who used to sell fruit or other kind of food in the streets, and can no longer do so, have something to eat.

"There are many people with disabilities who are also athletes, and we support them. We do it without resting, but now we need support and collaboration from everyone to continue helping more people," said Torres.

Those who want to donate, he explained, should contact the foundation through their Instagram account (@fungestionamoryvida).


"We deliver food: rice, oil, chicken, eggs. We take them directly to people's homes. We know that many people need them because at the moment they cannot go out to work. Besides, many children are barefoot and badly eaten."

The world and Parapan American medallist is still a long way from being satisfied with what the foundation has achieved, but his hopes are high. 

Dreaming of Tokyo 2020

Torres also has time to stay fit. He trains at home and has daily video calls with his physical trainer.

Most recently, Torres won best male powerlifter at the first Online World Cup Series presented by BIGSER, in early May.

In regards to Tokyo 2020, which has been postponed to 2021, he said: "Now everything changes because in a year a lot can happen. I can't know exactly how much I'd have to lift. My category is very hard. But the way things look from 2017 to 2019, my goal is to be on the podium. I'm not hungry for gold; if it comes, bless my heart, but my goal is to be on the podium."