IPC Swimming World Championships
12-18 August

Montreal 2013 - Day five flashquotes

Read what the athletes said when they came off the water 23 Aug 2018
Brenden Hall London 2012

Brenden Hall of Australia competes in the men's 200m individual medley SM9 at London 2012.

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"We will see what is going to happen tonight but yes, I am expecting a medal!"

Evening Session

Men's 100m breaststroke SB5

Gold medalist - Roberto Rodriguez (BRA)

"I don't have words to express! Four years of hard work! In 2010 I missed the bronze medal, it was so close! And I worked so hard since then! Now finally it feels like heaven! But there is more work to do! I'm looking forward to Rio and everything that comes in between."

Women's 100m butterfly S8

Gold medalist and world record breaker - Jessica Long (USA)

"It feels good! I'm really happy it's what I wanted. Yes, well I was hoping for the world record time. That's what my coach an I were training for, all the hard work was for that!"

Men's 100m freestyle S7

Silver medalist - Matthew Levy (AUS)

"I couldn't see Josef next to me but it was a really close race like it's often in a final of world championships or Paralympic Games. I just tried to do my personal best, any medal is a great medal!"

Women's 100m freestyle S3

Bronze medalist - Zulfiya Gabidullina (KAZ)

"I'm feeling good and I will definately prepare for the Rio games now!"

Women's 100m Butterfly S11

Gold medalist - Mary Fisher (NZL)

"I'm really happy with my time even if it's not my world record time. I'm really happy with my swim! I really just wanted to come and do a personal best and I thought maybe in the medley on sunday I'd be in the medals but you can't really predict anything forehand!"

Men's 400m freestyle S9

Silver medalist - Frederico Morlacchi (ITA)

"I can't realise that I just set a European record and won silver. Maybe in Rio I can try to beat Brenden! I'm just very very happy but I can't really understand yet! Maybe on Monday when the competition is over."

Men's 100m butterfly S10

Gold medalist - Andre Brasil (BRA)

"You know, definitely I'm not 100 percent in shape. I try to focus mentally that I am the one. I did that for my family, for all the Brazilians and for myself of course!"

Morning Session

Women's 200m freestyle S4

Fastest qualifier (3:31.05) - Lisette Teunissen (NED)

"It's never an easy race. I will have to do everything I can to win it. And I intend to win it."

Men's 400m freestyle S9

Fastest qualifier (4:20.65) - Brenden Hall (AUS)

"I just took it easy in the heat. We will see what is going to happen tonight but yes, I am expecting a medal!"

Women's 100m butterfly S10

Fastest qualifier and world record holder (1:04.39) - Sophie Pascoe (NZL)

"The race felt reasonable, easy and strong. I'm trying to set another personal best tonight!"

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