My Greatest: Marcel Hug

Swiss Paralympic superstar reveals his biggest inspirations 04 Dec 2018 By World Para Athletics

What do you know about the big moments that inspire Swiss wheelchair racer Marcel Hug? Here’s what he has to say in our series, ‘My Greatest’.

My greatest sporting achievement

I would say my greatest achievement was in Rio 2016 - my gold medals in the 800m and marathon (T54), because it was my first gold medal in the Paralympics and my big goal, my big dream.

My greatest inspiration

I would say my greatest inspiration, or the greatest influence in my career, is my coach Paul Odermatt. He helped me a lot to have my successes and supports me a lot.

My greatest challenge

This year it was the Boston Marathon, it was a really tough challenge. The weather conditions were just terrible – I think it was the worst we can get – so windy, rainy and so cold. I didn’t feel my body any more, it was crazy!

My greatest sporting moment (outside of my individual moments!)

I remember when I was maybe 14 years old, I watched the Paralympics in Sydney [in 2000]. I watched the opening ceremony and it and was a great inspiration and I thought I want to go there too in the future.