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Over 100,000 applications for Rio 2016 volunteer programme

With less than two years to go, the Rio 2016 volunteer programme has already received over 100,000 applications from 180 countries. 06 Oct 2014
The Rio 2016 Pioneer Volunteers group photographed during the filming of the campaign.

The Rio 2016 Pioneer Volunteers group photographed during the filming of the campaign.

ⒸAlexandre Loureiro/Rio2016

The Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games’ Volunteer Programme has already received applications from over 100,000 candidates, showing the huge interest from Brazilians and throughout the world in participating and experiencing the Games up close.

The top five countries in terms of the number of candidates are Brazil, Russia, China, United States and Mexico, but applications have been received from a total of 180 countries.

For the Rio 2016 Organising Committee’s Human Resources Director, Henrique Gonzalez, reaching this number of applications is an important step towards finding the 70,000 volunteers needed for the Rio 2016 Games.

He said: “We are very happy that the response has been so positive. It is really good to see so many people wanting to play an active role in South America’s first Olympic and Paralympic Games, and share the thrill of this historic event.”

The manager of the Rio 2016 Volunteer Programme, Flavia Fontes, believes that the number of applications is important, not just for the Rio 2016 Games, but for Brazil as a whole.

“We do not want to encourage volunteers just for the Games,” she said. “We also want to give a boost to volunteer work throughout Brazil. This will be yet another legacy of Rio 2016.”

People interested in applying to become a volunteer should do so by visiting the Rio 2016 website.

Candidates should be at least 18-years-old by February 2016 and be available to take part for a period of at least 10 days.

The 70,000 candidates selected will be allocated to one of nine functional areas: serving the public, sports, press and communications, operational support, production of ceremonies, protocol and languages, healthcare, technology and transport.

Each volunteer will have the opportunity to study English online for a year and receive specific job training related to the sport and facilities where they will work, as well as a full uniform, meals and transport on days worked, and a certificate of participation.