Ten best quotes of Doha 2015

A look back at the best quotes from athletes at the 2015 IPC Athletics World Championships. 10 Nov 2015
Blindfolded man and guide celebrate after crossing the finish line

Odair Santos of Brazil celebrates winning the men's 1500m T11 at the 2015 IPC Athletics World Championships in Doha, Qatar.

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1. From hospital bed to gold medal winner

“Everything happens for a reason, I was leading in the 5,000m race but unfortunately I fell down and woke up in hospital. God has his reasons for everything and thankfully this is my redemption.”

Brazil’s Odair Santos on winning 1,500m gold days after collapsing in the 5,000m

2. Teenager saying it how it is

“My ability is greater than my disability.”

Australia’s 14-year-old Isis Holt after winning 200m gold with a world record

3. Determination is all you need

“When you have determination to conquer like me, then you can do anything.”

Ireland’s Michael McKillop happy to retain his 800m and 1,500m world titles

4. Energy is the key!

“I have so much energy inside and honestly for this competition my competitors gave me the right energy to win gold. I get my energy from my family and the blue eyes of my daughter. They help me keep on training. I’m training in Valencia next and full of positive energy ahead of Rio!”

Spain’s discus F11 gold medallist David Casinos Sierra

5. If at first you don’t succeed, try again!

“This is a really emotional moment for me right now, because I almost didn’t make it here. I had trouble with my passport leaving Brazil, and only boarded the plane on the third try. I really wanted to break the world record, but I am really happy with my gold.”

Brazil’s Silvania Costa De Oliveira on winning long jump T11 gold

6. How many legs do you have?

“I don't care how many legs you have - one, two, four, six - I'll still beat you."

The USA’s Richard Browne after completing the T44 sprint double

7. What will teacher say?

“I’ve only missed a week of school to be here but I’m sure they won’t mind when I come home with a medal!”

Ireland’s 16 year-old discus F38 silver medallist Noella Lenihan

8. A new teammate for Messi?

“I’m feeling so important, like Neymar! I got the silver, and broke the Brazilian record so it’s amazing. Now it’s on to the world record in Rio.”

Brazil’s Kelly Peixoto fancies a career change after winning shot put F41 silver

9. Great rivals, but even bigger friends

“I hope to see Terezinha [Guilhermina] on the track again in Rio. She’s my role model and someone I have looked up to for years. Today is actually my birthday so it was a perfect gift to myself to win the world title.”

China’s Cuiqing Liu who won all three of Guilhermina’s world titles in the T11 class

10. A career in marketing awaits

“It’s beyond amazing, my motto is dream big – and that’s exactly what I did. It’s such a strong field, but I got the silver medal which is amazing! I guess my performance was fitting with the Doha 2015 slogan, because this was beyond incredible!”

Great Britain’s Mel Nicholls after Great Britain perform a sweep of the 800m T34 podium