#WorkoutWednesday: Cuba’s Yunidis Castillo

The Cuban sprinter has won multiple Paralympic, world and Parapan titles and is now gearing up to defend her world titles in Doha, Qatar. 19 Aug 2015
Yunidis Castillo receives her gold medal for the women's 200m T47, handed over by Patrick Jarvis.
ⒸJon Blacker

Yunidis Castillo, Cuba’s most decorated Paralympian of all-time, will be hoping to defend all of her world titles this October at the IPC Athletics World Championships in Doha, Qatar,

The 28-year-old T47 sprinter has won five Paralympic titles and a phenomenal eight world gold medals since 2006.

Now as part of IPC Athletics’ ‘Workout Wednesday’ series, the 100m, 200m and 400m T46/47 world record holder talks us through her typical day - “There is no secret. I just do what Miriam Ferrer, my coach, tells me to do,” she explains.


Yunidis Castillo’s Workout Wednesday

06:30 - 13:00

The first thing I do after getting up at 06:30 is brush my teeth and take a shower. After that, I put on my clothes and get all my training stuff until I am ready to go.

If I have enough time, I have breakfast at home. If not, I have it at the place where I train. I usually eat bread and eggs, milk and yoghurt for breakfast. A good first meal is important so that I can be energetic during the whole day.

I get my car and drive for about 30 minutes to the place where I train. My training starts at 08:00. I combine exercises at the gym and on the track. My coach, Miriam, is so great and all that she tells me to do has a purpose. Following her teachings has taken me to the place where I am. I end training at around 12:30 or 13:00.


13:00 – 19:00

After training, I take a shower and drive back home very quickly to see my baby Gabriel. I love him so much that I try to spend as much time as possible with him. As regards lunch, I like having rice, beans and pork meat.

Depending on the afternoon, I stay at home with my husband Samuel, taking care of our son, or I go out for a drink or I go shopping. I want to be with Gabriel during the free time that I have.


20:00 – 22:00

For dinner, I have beef or fish with salad. And, of course, a good glass of juice or water. After that, I kiss my baby and, as soon as he falls asleep, I go to sleep too because a hard training session will start early the following day.


Castillo will be one of 1,400 athletes from 100 countries who compete at the 2015 IPC Athletics World Championships which take place in Doha, Qatar, between 21-31 October.