IPC Athletics European Championships
25-28 June

Information for Teams


Accommodation for all athletes, guides and coaches will be provided at Pagedal Stadskannal, an accessible holiday village located in a park environment that will provide a unique atmosphere similar to that of a Paralympic village. The park is just 700m away from the competition venue.

Pagedal features many accessible bungalows and apartments which will act as home to the athletes.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served in a spacious on-site dining facility within a short distance from the bungalows and apartments.

For further information on the park, please visit www.pagedal.nl/.

Athlete Eligibility

To be eligible for entry, an athlete must:

• Hold an active IPC Athletics Athlete License for the 2012 season;

• Have achieved a Minimum Qualification Standard (MQS) at an IPC Athletics recognized competition for an event from the published event programme between 1 January 2011 and 23 April 2012; and

• Have achieved this Minimum Qualification Standard in accordance with the IPC Athlete Licensing Programme Policies valid for the 2011 and 2012 seasons.


Classification will take place between 20-22 June Pagecentrum, Stadskanaal.

Competition Fee

The Competition Fee for the 2012 IPC Athletics European Championships is €550/Team Member.

The Competition Fee covers the Championships services: meals (lunch and dinner), transport (to/from airport) from 19 June - 29 June 2012 (Official Championships period) and basic medical services in the official Championships venues.

Note: If teams wish to arrive/depart outside the Official Championships period, please contact the LOC directly to arrange the required services.

The Competition Fee must be received by IPC Athletics by 28 May 2012 in accordance with the invoice generated from the online entry system.

The invoice will be based on the total number of Team Delegation size indicated by each NPC in the online entry system and no amendments to that number will be permissible following the close of entries by 7 May 2012.

After payment of the invoice, no reimbursement will be permissible. Non-payment of the invoice in full will result in all athletes from your delegation being ineligible to compete or access Championships services.

The athlete’s competition fee is non-refundable in the case of ineligibility after classification.


Online Entries for the 2012 IPC Athletics European Championships has been developed into a two (2) phase process.

Phase 1 – Preliminary entries (Entry by Number)

Preliminary entries will be conducted through the returning of the preliminary entries application form.

Phase 2 – Final Entries and Team Delegation Size Confirmation

Final Entries must be submitted using the IPC Online Entry System www.paralympic.org/entries/login. The submission of Final Entries online for the competition will be possible until 7 May 2012. The Final Entries shall indicate the number of final Team Delegation Size.

Event Viability Criteria

A minimum of five (5) athlete entries from a minimum of two (2) NPCs is necessary to sustain an individual medal event on the programme.

In the case that there are less than the required number of entries to sustain a medal event, IPC Athletics may identify it as a non-medal event or combine with another event where applicable. IPC Athletics reserves the right to delete event(s) where there are less than 2.

A minimum of four (4) entries from four (4) NPCs is necessary to sustain a relay medal event on the programme.

Only events that meet the Event Viability Criteria outlined after the close of the final entries will be included in the Final Medal Event Programme.


The Team Members are obliged to have their own travel and medical insurance for the duration of the Championships.

Maximum Entry per NPC

NPCs can enter a maximum of three (3) eligible athletes per medal event (single class).

NPCs can enter a maximum of five (5) eligible athletes in medal events where two (2) or more sport classes are clustered (e.g., Shot Put, F54/55/56). However, per each sport class, a maximum of three (3) eligible athletes can be entered.

NPCs can enter a maximum of one (1) team in each relay event comprising up to six (6) eligible athletes.

NPCs may enter an eligible athlete in an unlimited number of events as long as the athlete has met the MQS in one of the events for which the athlete is to be entered.


Only one (1) set of medals will be awarded to each event, i.e. athletes competing in a combined class event will not be awarded medals based on their sport class.


NPCs must respect the deadlines and provided accurate Information in their entries in order to avoid causing financial damage to the LOC. Failure to do so may results in the application of financial penalties as detailed below. The penalties will be included in the invoice of Competition Fee for the Championships to the respective NPCs.

Respect of Deadlines

A penalty of €500 will be imposed on any NPC which does not respect the Preliminary and/or Final Entry deadlines

Realistic Entries

A penalty of €200 per member of team delegation, after the first two, may be imposed on NPCs which:

- After having announced through the Preliminary Entries their participation in the Championships do not take part;

- After having entered in the Preliminary Entries more than three team delegation members, but confirm at the final entries with a number of team delegation size 10% higher or lower than the preliminarily entered number.

Wild Card Application

To be considered for a Wild Card, IPC Athletics must receive an official application in writing from the relevant NPC no later than 13 April 2012.

IPC Athletics may give out Wild Cards to protect viability of the events following final entries.