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    Greece's Paschalis Stathelakos Six World Records Broken on Final Day of IPC Euros Final day's world records brought total number smashed in Stadskanaal to 14. /news/six-world-records-broken-final-day-ipc-euros https://www.paralympic.org/sites/default/files/styles/mainpicture_612/public/images/20150217/120628131225416_120628_111550_9964.jpg?itok=cGlHU9vm
    Richard Whitehead Whitehead Breaks 200m World Record at IPC Euros Great Britain's Richard Whitehead broke the 200m T42 world record and Russia picked up eight golds on the fourth day of the IPC Athletics European Championships. /news/whitehead-breaks-200m-world-record-ipc-euros https://www.paralympic.org/sites/default/files/styles/mainpicture_612/public/images/20150217/120627183339871_120627_160244_8762_cr.jpg?itok=ixJUibkz
    Dutch Trio women's 100m T43/44 Dutch Delight on Day 3 of IPC Euros Host nation the Netherlands swept the women's 100m T43/44 sprint in top fashion under the sun on the third day of the IPC Athletics European Championships. /news/dutch-delight-day-3-ipc-euros https://www.paralympic.org/sites/default/files/styles/mainpicture_612/public/images/20150217/120626162501318_120626_152504_7927_cr.jpg?itok=0-6TE04L
    Anna Kaniuk Field Events Highlight Day 2 of IPC Euros The field events stole the show on the second day of the IPC Athletics European Championships, an event where Russia, Ukraine and Greece now top the standings. /news/field-events-highlight-day-2-ipc-euros https://www.paralympic.org/sites/default/files/styles/mainpicture_612/public/images/20150217/120625181323765_120625_144547_6694.jpg?itok=XgdG1pyC
    Evgenii Shvetcov Russia 'Rains' Supreme on Wet First Day of Competition On the opening day of competition in Stadskanaal, the Netherlands, Russia picked up four golds, five silvers and one bronze medal. /news/russia-rains-supreme-wet-first-day-ipc-euros https://www.paralympic.org/sites/default/files/styles/mainpicture_612/public/images/20150217/120624184208873_679G6039.JPG?itok=jcfgH2cO
    Spain IPC Euros Opening IPC Athletics European Championships Open The Championships have brought together 520 athletes from 38 different countries to Stadskanaal for five days of competition. /news/ipc-athletics-european-championships-open https://www.paralympic.org/sites/default/files/styles/mainpicture_612/public/images/20150217/120623155259851_IMG_5104.JPG?itok=9vYFs3BP
    Leo Pekka Tahti Finland’s Tahti Keeps on Rolling Leo Pekka Tahti, world-record holder in the 100m T54 sprint, had no problem winning the event at the IPC Athletics European Championships. /feature/finlands-tahti-keeps-rolling https://www.paralympic.org/sites/default/files/styles/mainpicture_612/public/images/20150217/120626001139152_DSC_0571.JPG?itok=PPDIwv6T
    Ray O'Dwyer O’Dwyer Brings Youth to Paralympics Ireland Ireland’s Ray O’Dwyer, who won Javelin silver at the IPC Athletics Euros, should be one to watch in the sport for years to come. /feature/o-dwyer-brings-youth-paralympics-ireland https://www.paralympic.org/sites/default/files/styles/mainpicture_612/public/images/20150217/120625191051433_120625_143056_8274.jpg?itok=sEMCeKmg
    Heinrich Popow IPC Euros 100m Popow Makes Statement at IPC Euros Germany’s top para-athlete won the 100m T42 sprint on the first day of the IPC Athletics European Championships in top fashion. /feature/popow-makes-statement-ipc-euros https://www.paralympic.org/sites/default/files/styles/mainpicture_612/public/images/20150217/120625023451535_mhartmann_popow_t42_100m_final.jpg?itok=wRQqENzk
    Dutch Athletics Team Van Rhijn to Anchor Dutch Delegation at IPC Euros Marlou van Rhijn is coming off two world-record performances heading into the IPC Athletics European Championships. /feature/van-rhijn-anchor-dutch-delegation-ipc-euros https://www.paralympic.org/sites/default/files/styles/mainpicture_612/public/images/20150217/120624150628635_IMG_5211.JPG?itok=Q0BSmmdY
    Alexey Ashapatov Field Trio to Lead Russians at IPC Euros Alexey Ashapatov, Alexey Kuznetsov and Alexander El’min are all expected to medal for Russia at this week’s IPC Athletics European Championships. /feature/field-trio-lead-russians-ipc-euros https://www.paralympic.org/sites/default/files/styles/mainpicture_612/public/images/20150217/120623093243828_AlexeyA.jpg?itok=9SqR2DwW
    A picture of a man in a wheelchair during a medal ceremony Slovenia’s Flere Keeps Smashing Records Joze Flere heads to the IPC Athletics European Championships as the one to beat in the Discus F51-53 event as the world-record holder. /feature/slovenia-s-flere-keeps-smashing-records https://www.paralympic.org/sites/default/files/styles/mainpicture_612/public/images/20150217/120622163926122_Joze%2BFlere%2BSLO%2B3.JPG?itok=O92XqG2P
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