Donato Telesca is the star of new Eleiko series

Italian to become first international powerlifter to make use of new technology launched in partnership with World Para Powerlifting 14 May 2021 By World Para Powerlifting

Italy’s Donato Telesca has become the first international powerlifter to make use of a new technology launched by Eleiko in partnership with World Para Powerlifting (WPPO).

Eleiko collaborated with Vmaxpro, the leading velocity strength training technology provider, to create a sensor designed specifically for the Eleiko WPPO Competition Powerlifting Bar. It gives accurate data helping athletes and coaches maximise their training and preparation to competition.

World Para Powerlifting is the first strength federation to bring technology and data measurement elements to their sport. All Eleiko WPPO Competition Bars manufactured after September 2020 are compatible with the sensors. 

During 2021, Eleiko and World Para Powerlifting will be following the 21-year-old Telesca as he is preparing for the most important season in his career.

“My main dream is the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games,” Telesca said in the first of a series of six videos to be launched on Wednesday (12 May) on Eleiko and World Para Powerlifting social media pages.

“At the highest level there are no shortcuts. There is only hard work,” he added.

A junior world champion at Nur-Sultan 2019, the Italian is currently preparing for the Tblisi 2021 World Cup from 20 to 23 May in Georgia. 

He has already competed in the World Cups in Bogota, Colombia and Manchester, Great Britain in March this year.

“We are passionate about supporting athletes in achieving their strongest performances,” said Erik Blomberg, Eleiko CEO.

“We look forward to following Donato Telesca’s journey to the Paralympic Games and seeing the future of strength sports unfold with the use of the new integrated bar tracking technology and detailed lift analysis capabilities.”

Jorge Moreno, Head of World Para Powerlifting, said: “We are excited to show Donato’s preparation during 2021. This is a very special year with the Paralympics in Tokyo in August and the World Championships in Eger, Hungary in December."

"The series will offer strength sports fans a closer look at the life of a high-performance Para athlete, including his training regime, his challenges and dreams. At the same time, it will also show how the new technology developed with Eleiko can improve performances,” Moreno added.

More information about the new sensor technology can be found here.

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