Five fun questions for Tyler McGregor

The Canadian forward took a quick break from his training from the World Para Ice Hockey Championships for a laugh. 09 Apr 2017
Tyler McGregor races after the puck in Canada's preliminary round game against Norway at Buffalo 2015.

Tyler McGregor races after the puck in Canada's preliminary round game against Norway at Buffalo 2015.

ⒸBill Wippert
By By Stuart Lieberman | For the IPC

The 2017 World Para Ice Hockey Championships A-Pool will take place from 11-20 April in Gangneung, South Korea, and will also serve as the Test Event and qualifier for the PyeongChang 2018 Paralympic Winter Games.

Live coverage of the World Championships, alongside the rosters and game schedule, are available at

Ahead of the event, in order to take a little bit pressure off, caught up with forward Tyler McGregor, the youngest member of Canada’s gold-medal winning team at the 2013 World Championships in South Korea, for five fun questions.

Who on Team Canada would win in an arm wrestling competition?

Forward Bryan Sholomicki. Why? Because he’s a monster.

What is the oldest item in your refrigerator or freezer?

Probably a tub of ice cream. I’m not a huge ice cream guy, but occasionally I’ll get a craving and have a bite of ice cream. But then it’s probably a year later when I’ll want another bite. So that tub will then sit in there for another year.

Describe Canada’s hockey jersey to someone who is visually impaired

We got new jerseys this year, and we love them. They’ve got a red chest with the Hockey Canada logo pretty big. There’s a hockey player on the Canadian crest. The arms and shoulders are black. We have our numbers right on the shoulders. On the black there’s small Canadian flags imprinted in, and then obviously on the back we have our numbers with our names. On both arms, as Canada is celebrating its 150th birthday, we have a Canada 150 logo with another Hockey Canada logo on the other arm.

If Canada won gold at the World Championships and you woke up the next day to 2,000 congratulatory unread emails, whom would you answer first?

I’d start with family and friends first for sure.

If you were the head coach of an all-star Para ice hockey team, which player would you draft for your team first?

Declan Farmer from the USA because he’s one of the toughest players to play against in my opinion. He’s fast. He’s skilled. He’s a smart player. And he’s a centreman as well, so he has to play a 200-foot game and I respect him for that as well. He’s had a lot of success already in his short career.

Gangneung 2017 will feature defending champions the USA, 2015 silver medallists Canada, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Germany and hosts South Korea.

As well as competing for the world title, the top five teams will advance directly to PyeongChang 2018.