London 2017: Top quotes

These champions were anything but lost for words at the World Para Athletics Championships. 27 Jul 2017
three para athletes celebrate winning their events

Buis, Cockroft and Santos had plenty to say after winning their events at London 2017.


You’ve just won a World Championship gold medal...emotions are inevitably running high. How do you put it in to words? Here are our top quotes from London 2017.

Nassima Saifi (ALG) – Gold - Women's discus throw F57

"Why have I won all of these medals? If you had seen me in training, you would see it is torture. I have to have a strong desire. My coach shows no mercy. There is no left or right, just his way.

“But a month and a half ago, we got married. Training is training and personal is personal. He is romantic off the training field. We haven't had time for honeymoon yet but I will give him the medal as a wedding present."

Dyan Buis (RSA) – Gold - Men's 200m T38

“I was running so fast I thought, ‘Please call the fire brigade, I’m on fire.’

Stef Reid (GBR) - Gold - Women's Long Jump T44

"I felt nervous coming in this morning but once I came out, I thought: "I am at home". I didn't want to be the silver girl for ever.

"I have been in this sport since 2006 and it's now 2017 that I am in the middle of the podium...It feels amazing. It has been a long journey. "

Thiago Paulino Santos (BRA) – Gold - Men’s Shot Put F57

“I want to thank my family so much. My wife is pregnant right now and this child is going to be born to a father who’s a world champion. My first child was born when I won my first competition and now it’s happened again. I am so thankful for what has happened to me today.”

Hannah Cockroft (GBR) – Gold - Women's 400m T34

“I’m feeling really emotional. I even had a little cry. I was confident until yesterday when I got full of cold. When I came to the start line I felt like I had nothing to put into the race.

“All the way round I was thinking ‘I can hear the girls coming. I’m not going fast enough, I’m not going fast enough.’ So to get that result when I was feeling like this is such a relief.

Yang Liwan (CHN) – Gold - Women's Shot Put F54

“London is my lucky place. I won two golds here in 2012 and the second I walked in this morning I knew it was going to be my day. “

But it’s not always about winning…

Jack Gladman (GBR) – ninth – Men's 1,500m T38

“These people are the best fans in the world without a doubt. I should have been part of that atmosphere. I bought a ticket: that’s how much I didn’t think I would be here. My nan is sitting in the seat that I should have had. This is insane.

“I have just run at the World Championships, I can’t believe what has happened.

My laces came untied in the first 50m and I thought that it was all about to turn from my dream race to my worst nightmare, but I gave it everything and I am in the top 10 in the world. Amazing.”