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Results Archive - Toronto 1976 - Athletics


Host City Toronto, Canada
Events 208
Countries 39
Participants 774 (618 men and 156 women) Show Participants
Medalstandings Show medalstandings

Medal Standings

United States of America flag
39 34 26
21 16 16
Mexico flag
15 9 5
Israel flag
15 5 7
Canada flag
12 18 18
Poland flag
12 2 3
Finland flag
11 15 10
Sweden flag
8 6 9
Austria flag
7 11 14
Australia flag
7 11 4

Events and Medallists

Men's 100 m B
Men's 100 m C
Men's 100 m C1
Men's 100 m D
Men's 100 m D1
Men's 100 m E
Men's 100 m E1
Men's 100 m F
Men's 100 m F1
Men's 100 m 2
Men's 100 m 3
Men's 100 m 4
Men's 100 m 5
Men's 200 m 2
Men's 200 m 3
Men's 400 m 2
Men's 400 m 3
Men's 800 m 4
Men's 800 m 5
Men's 1500 m E
Men's 1500 m E1
Men's 1500 m F
Men's 1500 m F1
Men's 1500 m 4
Men's 1500 m 5
Men's 60 m 1A
Men's 60 m 1B
Men's 60 m 1C
Men's 60 m A
Men's Club Throw 1A
Men's Club Throw 1B
Men's Discus Throw 1A
Men's Discus Throw 1B
Men's Discus Throw 1C
Men's Discus Throw A
Men's Discus Throw B
Men's Discus Throw C
Men's Discus Throw C1
Men's Discus Throw D
Men's Discus Throw D1
Men's Discus Throw E
Men's Discus Throw F
Men's Discus Throw J1
Men's Discus Throw 2
Men's Discus Throw 3
Men's Discus Throw 4
Men's Discus Throw 5
Men's Football Accuracy E1
Men's Football Distance E1
Men's High Jump A
Men's High Jump B
Men's High Jump C
Men's High Jump D
Men's High Jump E
Men's High Jump F
Men's High Jump (Two Foot Take Off) A
Men's Javelin 1C
Men's Javelin A
Men's Javelin B
Men's Javelin C
Men's Javelin C1
Men's Javelin D
Men's Javelin D1
Men's Javelin E
Men's Javelin F
Men's Javelin J
Men's Javelin J1
Men's Javelin 2
Men's Javelin 3
Men's Javelin 4
Men's Javelin 5
Men's Long Jump A
Men's Long Jump B
Men's Long Jump C
Men's Long Jump D
Men's Long Jump E
Men's Long Jump F
Men's 100 m Prosthesis D1
Men's Precision Club Throw 1A-1B
Men's Pentathlon 1A
Men's Pentathlon 1B
Men's Pentathlon 1C
Men's Pentathlon A
Men's Pentathlon B
Men's Pentathlon C
Men's Pentathlon C1
Men's Pentathlon D
Men's Pentathlon E
Men's Pentathlon E1
Men's Pentathlon F
Men's Pentathlon 2
Men's Pentathlon 3
Men's Pentathlon 4
Men's Pentathlon 5
Men's Precision Javelin C
Men's Precision Javelin C1
Men's Precision Javelin D
Men's Precision Javelin D1
Men's Precision Javelin E
Men's Precision Javelin F
Men's Precision Javelin J
Men's Precision Javelin J1
Men's Precision Javelin 1C-5
Men's 4x40 m A-C
United States of America flag
United States of America
Mexico flag
West Germany flag
FR Germany
Men's 4x60 m 2-5
United States of America flag
United States of America
Men's 4x100 m E
Men's Shot Put 1A
Men's Shot Put 1B
Men's Shot Put 1C
Men's Shot Put A
Men's Shot Put B
Men's Shot Put C
Men's Shot Put C1
Men's Shot Put D
Men's Shot Put D1
Men's Shot Put E
Men's Shot Put F
Men's Shot Put J1
Men's Shot Put 2
Men's Shot Put 3
Men's Shot Put 4
Men's Shot Put 5
Men's Slalom 1A
Men's Slalom 1B
Men's Slalom 1C
Men's Slalom 2
Men's Slalom 3
Men's Slalom 4
Men's Slalom 5
Men's 1500 m Walk B
Women's 100 m B
Women's 100 m D1
Women's 100 m F
Women's 200 m 2
Women's 200 m 3
Women's 400 m 2
Women's 400 m 3
Women's 800 m 4
Women's 800 m 5
Women's 1500 m F1
Women's 60 m 1A
Women's 60 m 1B
Women's 60 m 1C
Women's 60 m A
Women's 60 m 2
Women's 60 m 3
Women's 60 m 4
Women's 60 m 5
Women's Club Throw 1A
Women's Club Throw 1B
Women's Discus Throw 1A
Women's Discus Throw 1B
Women's Discus Throw 1C
Women's Discus Throw A
Women's Discus Throw B
Women's Discus Throw D
Women's Discus Throw 2
Women's Discus Throw 3
Women's Discus Throw 4
Women's Discus Throw 5
Women's High Jump A
Women's High Jump B
Women's Javelin 1C
Women's Javelin A
Women's Javelin B
Women's Javelin D
Women's Javelin D1
Women's Javelin 2
Women's Javelin 3
Women's Javelin 4
Women's Javelin 5
Women's Long Jump A
Women's Long Jump B
Women's Long Jump D
Women's Precision Club Throw 1A-1B
Women's Pentathlon 1A
Women's Pentathlon 1B
Women's Pentathlon 1C
Women's Pentathlon A
Women's Pentathlon B
Women's Pentathlon D
Women's Pentathlon D1
Women's Pentathlon 2
Women's Pentathlon 3
Women's Pentathlon 4
Women's Pentathlon 5
Women's Precision Javelin D
Women's Precision Javelin D1
Women's Precision Javelin 1C-5
Women's 4x40 m 2-5
United States of America flag
United States of America
West Germany flag
FR Germany
Austria flag
Women's Shot Put 1A
Women's Shot Put 1B
Women's Shot Put 1C
Women's Shot Put A
Women's Shot Put B
Women's Shot Put D
Women's Shot Put D1
Women's Shot Put 2
Women's Shot Put 3
Women's Shot Put 4
Women's Shot Put 5
Women's Slalom 1A
Women's Slalom 1B
Women's Slalom 1C
Women's Slalom 2
Women's Slalom 3
Women's Slalom 4
Women's Slalom 5