Equipment and Technology in Paralympic Sports
1-4 May

Vista 2013 - Presentations

The authors of the following presentations authorized the IPC to make their VISTA presentation(s) available to the general public on the IPC website.

The IPC would like to thank all of the presenters for providing their expertise through this channel.

The presentations are categorized as follows:

- Keynote presentations (name of presenter and theme addressed)

- Invited Symposia (name of the presenter and theme of the symposia)

- Oral Presentations (organized by number as referenced in the VISTA2013 Scientific Conference Booklet)

Keynote Presentations
Presenter Theme
Van Hilvoorde Access Competitive Edge and the Philosophy of Sport
Invited Symposia
Presenter Theme
Alleyne Athlete Health
Perret Para-cycling
Sarro Para-cycling
Tweedy Technology and Classification
Howe Technology and Classification
Barros Technology for the Coach and the Athlete
Gastaldi Winter sports
Linnamo Winter sports
Oral Presentations
Number Name Theme
2 Altmann Evidence-based classification in wheelchair rugby
8 Bukhala Sport Equipment and Technology in Developing Nations
9 Bullock Wheelchair Tennis Player Development Pathways
10 Connick Tests of Impaired Coordination and Range of Motion in Coordination Impaired Runners
12 Crespo Ruiz Assessment of Fatigue during Manual Wheelchair Propulsion
13 Danvind Lower Leg Prosthesis for Nordic Skiing
15 Tweedy Detect Intentional Misrepresentation of Skills in Paralympic Athletes
16 Dickson London 2012 Volunteers Motivation and Social Legacy Potential
19 Freitas Paralympic Athletes Fitness using a new Wheelchair Ergometer
23 Hart Evidence Based Classificaton - Systematic Review in Wheelchair Rugby
24 Hettinga Wheeled Mobility - Optimal Training in Handcycling
25 Holmberg Simulations in Classification
27 Hutzler Goal Perspectives and Sport Participation Motivation for Athletes with Intellectual Impairment
28 Jannsen Wheelchair Rugby Skills Test
29 Janssen Acceleration Profile in Wheelchair Tennis Sprints
30 Keijsers Sprint Performance Trunk Muscle Strength and Trunk Classification in Wheelchair Rugby and Basketball
31 Kerr Potential of Paralympic Legacy
32 Kjarnli Optimization of Sledge Properties in Ice Sledge Hockey
33 Krassioukov Autonomic Cardiovascular Control and Paralympic Classification
34 Lee Effect of Tether Speed on Muscle Activation and Recruitment Pattersn in Paralympic Swimmers
38 Mann Visual Impairment and Sport Performance-Vision Classification
39 Martens Comparison of Race Parameters for Visual Impaired Swimmers
42 Oh Relationship Passive Drag and Anthropometric Characteristics of Paralympic Swimmers
43 Oliviera Compact Dynamometry in Wheelchair Sports
45 Payton Relationship Passive Drag and IPC Swimming Class
50 Rossignoli Relationship Perceived Shoulder Pain and Wheelchair Propulsion
51 Runciman Performance Pacing and Neuromuscular Fatigue in CP Athletes
52 Runciman EMG in Evaluation of Skeletal Muscle Recruitment in Athletes with Disability
53 Saari Integration and Inclusion in Finnish Sports Federations
55 Sandbakk Different Test Concepts in Ice Sledge Hockey
58 Skoglund Lower Leg Prosthesis for Cross Country Skiing
62 Tuakli Wosornu Developing the Paralympic Movement in West Africa
64 Vanderscheer Wheeled Mobility - Time and Power Output over 15m Wheelchair Sprint
69 West Autonomic Cardiovascular Control in Paralympic Athletes with SCI
71 Wu Table Tennis Specific Tests for Intellectual Impairment Players
72 Zeller Non-Circular Chainrings in Handcycling Physiology
61 Spathis Novel Battery for Upper and Lower Limb Coordination and Throwing Performance in Coordination Impaired Athletes