Equipment and Technology in Paralympic Sports
1-4 May

Vista 2013 - Scientific Programme

Vista 2013 Wheelchair © • Sean Tweedy

The VISTA 2013 scientific programme is built up around keynote addresses, invited symposia, oral presentations and poster sessions.

We invite you to contribute to the success of VISTA 2013 by submitting your presentation for one of the free presentation sessions or poster sessions.

Opening Ceremony

The VISTA 2013 Opening Ceremony will be held on 1 May at 17:00 at Bonn's Maritim Hotel.

Keynote Addresses

The keynote addresses will be delivered by leading experts and are centred on “Equipment and Technology in Paralympic Sports.”

Using technology and equipment fairly: The balance between access, competitive edge and the philosophy of sport

Ivo Van Hilvoorde is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Human Movement Sciences, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and a lecturer at the Windeseheim School of Human Movement & Sport in Zwolle, Netherlands.

Paralympic sporting equipment: Performance enhancement or necessary for performance?

Brendan Burkett is a member of the IPC Sports Science Committee and Professor in Biomechanics at the Faculty of Science, Health, Education and Engineering of the University of the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Australia .

Products for grassroots sports development: A case study of the Motivation court sport wheelchair for low-income countries

Chris Rushman is a senior technical specialist for Motivation UK, in Britol

Equipment and Technology: From products for grass roots development to high-tech applications: Products for high-tech applications – from product development to individual athlete support - and back

Simone Oehler is head of the Testing Department at Ottobock, Duderstadt, Germany

Invited Symposia

Chaired and moderated by a member of the IPC Sports Science Committee or a professional expert, expert speakers have been invited by the IPC to address particular themes and exchange views in interaction with the audience.

Equipment and technology developments in winter sports

Chair/moderator: Prof. Brendan Burkett

Presented by: Laura Gastaldi, Sylvana Mestre, Vesa Linnamo

Technology and equipment in relationship to Paralympic classification

Chair/ moderator: Prof. Yves Vanlandewijck

Presented by: Dr. Sean Tweedy and Dr. David Howe

Cycling covering equipment and technology development in tricycles, handcycles and tandem cycling

Chair/Moderator: Dr. Thomas Abel

Presented by: Prof. Dr. Karine Jacon Sarro, Dr. Claudio Perret, Dr. Oliver Heine, and Dr. Vicky Goosey-Tolfrey

Athlete healthcare

Chair/Moderator: Dr. Walter Thompson

Presented by: Dr. David McDonagh, Dr. Wayne Derman and Dr. Julia Alleyne

Technology in sport counselling

Chair/ Moderator: Dr. Osnat Douer-Fliess

Presented by: Dr. Randall L Wilber, Dr. Richardo Barros, and Dr. Marco Cardinale

“The Techno Team” of athlete – coach - technology

Chair/ Moderator: Dr. Brendan Burkett

Presented by: Dr. Laura Gastaldi, Sylvana Mestre and Prof. Vesa Linnamo

Meeting the industry

Chair/Moderator: Dr. Peter Van de Vliet

Presented by: TBA

Free Communications - Posters

We welcome your own contribution to the success of the Conference by means of an oral presentation or poster submission. Guidelines for submission can be found under guidelines for submission of abstracts.

All submission will be subject of a review process with a final decision on presentation format by the VISTA 2013 Scientific Committee.

All presentations will be in English. Authors should decline from oral presentation if not comfortable in addressing an audience in the English language. Translation services will not be available.

VISTA 2013 Scientific Programme
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Free 08:30 -18:30 Scientific Programme (keynote, symposia, free communications, poster) 08:30 -18:30 Scientific Programme (keynote, symposia, free communications, poster) 08:30 -18:30 Scientific Programme (keynote, symposia, free communications, poster)
17:00-20:00 Opening Ceremony Free evening Free evening Free evening