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    A pictures of prosthetics legs Paralympic Movement approaching a technology crossroads Lack of knowledge and research on technology use could harm credibility of Paralympic sport claims VISTA2013 speaker /news/paralympic-movement-approaching-crossroads-regarding-technology https://www.paralympic.org/sites/default/files/styles/mainpicture_612/public/images/20150215/121019145316696_151280508_0.jpg?itok=HJblxru_
    Motivation Racing Wheelchair Low-cost vs. high-tech equipment takes centre stage at VISTA2013 Motivation UK’s Chris Rushman, and Simone Oehler, the head of the testing department at IPC Worldwide Partner Ottobock, presented at the second day of the conference. /news/low-cost-vs-high-tech-equipment-takes-centre-stage-vista2013 https://www.paralympic.org/sites/default/files/styles/mainpicture_612/public/images/20150217/120420115344812_TU%2BRacingChairAngle%2BL.jpg?itok=eKgrsm5l
    On the first full day of VISTA2013, IPC Sports Science Committee member Brendan Burkett explored the idea of whether sport equipment is performance enhancing or necessary for performance Burkett’s keynote highlights first day of VISTA2013 IPC Sports Science Committee member Brendan Burkett opened up debate for what role equipment must serve in Paralympic sport. /news/burkett-s-keynote-highlights-first-day-vista2013 https://www.paralympic.org/sites/default/files/styles/mainpicture_612/public/images/20150215/130502164637358_JW_VISTA2013-0671.JPG?itok=LuzApmMP
    Heinrich Popow VISTA2013 opening to draw big names Paralympic champion Heinrich Popow, the Daily Telegraph’s Gareth Davies and Dr. Wolfgang Potthast will take part in the VISTA2013 Opening Ceremony. /news/vista2013-opening-draw-big-names https://www.paralympic.org/sites/default/files/styles/mainpicture_612/public/images/20150215/130429143214912_151465768.jpg?itok=7UEzQYb3
    A pictures of prosthetics legs Cooper to receive Paralympic Scientific Award Dr. Rory Cooper, founding director of the Human Engineering Research Laboratories at the University of Pittsburgh, will be presented the honour. /news/cooper-receive-paralympic-scientific-award https://www.paralympic.org/sites/default/files/styles/mainpicture_612/public/images/20150215/121019145316696_151280508_0.jpg?itok=HJblxru_
    A man with a silver helmet and red jersey leans forward on his racing wheelchair IPC extends Scientific Award nomination deadline The IPC Scientific Award will be presented to a top academic researcher at May’s VISTA conference in Bonn, Germany. /news/ipc-extends-scientific-award-nomination-deadline https://www.paralympic.org/sites/default/files/styles/mainpicture_612/public/images/20150305/121029104418251_151462577.jpg?itok=sTGxlHyV
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