Ostersund 2016: Germany Team Preview

What you need to know about Germany prior to the 2016 IPC Ice Sledge Hockey European Championships, Ostersund, Sweden. 30 Mar 2016
Two ice sledge hockey players fighting for the puck.

USA v Germany at the Harborcenter in Buffalo, NY. April 27, 2015 2015 IPC Ice Sledge Hockey World Championships A-Pool Photo by Bill Wippert

ⒸBill Wippert
By Kim McGreal | For the IPC

Despite promotion from Pool B to Pool A after the 2013 World Championships, Germany failed to qualify for the Sochi 2014 Paralympics, mirroring their disappointment in missing a place at Vancouver in 2010. However, while they finished in sixth position in the World Championships A-Pool in 2015, it was still better than many had anticipated. During a recent friendly tournament against Sweden and Norway, they performed well against both teams and will be hoping to carry that momentum to the Euros in Ostersund.

Key players

Captain Bas Disveld is a strong leader on the ice, and established players Jorg Wedde, Torsten Eller and Robert Pabst always make a great impression.


Klaus Brzoska

Bas Disveld

Torsten Ellmer

Bernhard Hering

Christian Jaster

Ingo Kuhli-Lauenstein

Simon Kunst

Robert Pabst

Lucas Sklorz

Sven Stumpe

Joerg Wedde

Jacob Wolff

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All games will be streamed live at paralympic.org/ostersund-2016 alongside live results.