Ostersund 2016: Italy Team Preview

What you need to know about Italy prior to the 2016 IPC Ice Sledge Hockey European Championships, Ostersund, Sweden. 30 Mar 2016
Florian Planker

Italy's Florian Planker, second from right, was the tournament's leading scorer at the 2013 IPC Ice Sledge Hockey Qualification Tournament.

By Kim McGreal | For the IPC

As the reigning European champions, albeit from five years ago, Italy come into the tournament in a good position and one which is strengthened by their more recent results.

While they only managed a silver medal at a home international tournament in Torino, in December, it was Canada they fell to. They also performed extremely well at a recent friendly tournament in Japan, and bring an experienced and strong team into the European Championships.

Key players

Gianluca Rosa is one of the team's top scorers at the moment, while international regulars Florian Planker and Gregory Leperdi remain critical to their success.


Alessandro Andreoni

Gabriele Araudo

Gianluca Cavaliere

Andrea Chiarotti

Valerio Corvino

Christoph Depaoli

Sandro Kalegaris

Nils Larch

Gregory Leperdi

Andrea Macri

Emanuele Parolin

Florian Planker

Roberto Radice

Gianluigi Rosa

Santino Stillitano

Werner Winkler

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All games will be streamed live at paralympic.org/ostersund-2016 alongside live results.