Berck-Sur-Mer 2018: Monika Szram breaking stereotypes

Beauty plays a major role in Polish powerlifter’s international debut 01 Jun 2018
a female powerlifter smiling on the bench

Monika Szram made her international debut at Berck-Sur-Mer 2018

ⒸFlorent Perville

“I really like wearing make-up and also enjoy competing in powerlifting.”

Monika Szram made her international debut at the European Open Championships in Berck-Sur-Mer, France, finishing in fourth place in the women’s up to 41kg.

But aside from the sporting competition, the Polish powerlifter is happy to correct the assumption that just because she is a powerlifter, she has no interest in looking good.

“I am a cosmetologist. It has always been my passion so I decided to go and study at university after graduating from school,” said Szram.

“For me it is just normal to wear make-up, either in my daily life, at a dinner or during a powerlifting competition. It is not that I do it hoping to break any stereotypes there may be. But if I do, [that is] better.”

Szram cleared the bar at 53kg in Berck-Sur-Mer, only 1kg less than Hungary´s bronze medallist Katalin Engelhardt and 2kg than Ukraine´s silver-medallist Kseniia Tokar. But far from feeling disappointed, the 22-year-old knows this is just the beginning.

“Of course I have much to learn. I was surprised in a good way that I could deal with the stress of competing in an international competition so well. I even felt better than in the last national powerlifting event in Poland.”

Looking ahead, Szram wants to set realistic for herself without losing sight of her biggest dream.

“I need to try to train more and harder. That is the only way I have to continue improving in order to achieve better results in the future,” she said.

“Of course I would love to be a Paralympic medallist, but only time will say.”

Full results for Berck-Sur-Mer 2018 are available on the official website.