Five powerlifters to follow on social media

Check out whose accounts you should keep an eye on 03 May 2018 By IPC

As billions of people around the world, several powerlifters also enjoy sharing on social media their hobbies, photos, videos and ideas to a growing number of followers.

Here are five you should start following.

Ali Jawad

As a massive Liverpool FC fan, Jawad is usually sharing photos or videos about his favourite football team to his more than 13 thousand Twitter followers. When he is not tweeting about football, he posts videos of his training and his progress in his fight with Crohn’s disease. @AliJawad12

Amalia Perez

Mexico’s three-time Paralympic and world champion has a growing Facebook fan base after launching her page only two years ago. Perez likes to share out-of-competition photos, including of her trips to different parts of the world or when having a chill moment with her family. @AmaliaPower

Jorge Carinao

Chile’s 27-year-old lifter has Instagram as his top social media account. Carinao shares several photos and videos of him training, lifting heavy weights, travelling or doing different sports, usually with his shirt off to show his sculpted body. @jorgecarinao

Siamand Rahman

It is impressive to see the world’s strongest Paralympian competing, but it may be even more breathtaking to see him easily lifting over 270kg on the videos he posts of his usual training on Instagram. @siamand_rahman

Sherif Osman

One of the most charismatic powerlifters also enjoys sharing aspects of his life on his Facebook page, such as videos while at a competition or training. Osman also seems to be a huge fan of Egyptian football star Mohamed Salah, sharing his photos and videos. @CSOthechampionoftheuniverse

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