Odivelas 2018: Brazil announce team

Paralympic medallists highlight athletes heading to judo Worlds 27 Oct 2018
female judoka Lucia Araujo smiles on the podium holding up a mascot

Paralympic silver medallist Lucia Araujo is one of Brazil's top contenders at the 2018 Worlds

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Fifteen Brazilian judoka will make the journey to Odivelas, Portugal, for the 2018 Judo World Championships, which take place from 16-18 November.

The hosts of the last Paralympic Games have at least one athlete competing in all but one men’s and women’s weight category.

So far in 2018 the Brazilians have enjoyed success at the World Cup, Pan American Championships and international level. Out of 22 podiums, 10 were golden, seven silver and five bronze.

Lucia Araujo has been the best performing judoka with a podium finish in all four competitions she has competed in. Araujo is the silver medallist from the women’s up to 57kg at Rio 2016.

Also with a good pedigree heading into Odivelas 2018 is Antonio Tenorio, a four time Paralympic champion and current world No. 1 in the men’s up to 100kg.

Alana Maldonado and Rebeca Silva also sit top of the women’s up to 70kg and over 70kg, respectively.

Wilians Araujo, Rio 2016 silver medallist, is a frontrunner in the men’s over 100kg and is currently ranked No. 2 in the world.


Giulia dos Santos Pereira, women’s up to 48kg

Karla Ferreira Cardoso, women’s up to 48kg

Maria Nubea dos Santos Lins, women’s up to 57kg

Lucia Da Silva Teixeira Araújo, women’s up to 63kg

Alana Martins Maldonado, women’s up to 70kg

Rebeca Souza Silva, women’s over 70kg

Meg Rodrigues Vitorino Emmerich, women’s over 70kg


Thiego Marques da Silva, men’s up to 60kg

Gabriel Nascimento Silva, men’s up to 66kg

Luan Simoes Pimentel, men’s up to 73kg

Denis Aparecido Rosa, men’s up to 73kg

Harlley Damiao Pereira Arruda, men’s up to 81kg

Arthur Cavalcante da Silva, men’s up to 90kg

Antônio Tenorio da Silva, men’s up to 100kg

Wilians Silva Araujo, men’s over 100kg

The 2018 IBSA Judo World Championships will feature nearly 300 of the world’s best judoka from more than 30 countries.