Paralympic Games
29 August - 9 September
Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Paralympics
London 2012 Paralympics
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London 2012


Host City London, Great Britain
Dates 29 - 09 September 2012
Events 50
Countries 48
Participants 223 (155 men and 68 women) Show Participants
Medalstandings Show medalstandings

Events and Medallists

Men's Road Race C1-3
Men's Road Race C4-5
Men's Road Race B
Men's Road Race H1
Men's Road Race H2
Men's Road Race H3
Men's Road Race H4
Men's Time Trial C1
Men's Time Trial C2
Men's Time Trial C3
Men's Time Trial C4
Men's Time Trial C5
Men's Time Trial B
Men's Time Trial H1
Men's Time Trial H2
Men's Time Trial H3
Men's Time Trial H4
Women's Road Race C1-3
Women's Road Race C4-5
Women's Road Race B
Women's Road Race H1-3
Women's Road Race H4
Women's Time Trial C1-3
Women's Time Trial C4
Women's Time Trial C5
Women's Time Trial B
Women's Time Trial H1-2
Women's Time Trial H3
Women's Time Trial H4
Mixed Team Relay H1-4
Mixed Road Race T1-2
Mixed Time Trial T1-2
Men's Individual Pursuit C1
Men's Individual Pursuit C2
Men's Individual Pursuit C3
Men's Individual Pursuit C4
Men's Individual Pursuit C5
Men's Individual Pursuit B
Men's Individual Sprint B
Men's 1 km Time Trial C1-3
Men's 1 km Time Trial C4-5
Men's 1 km Time Trial B
Women's Individual Pursuit C1-3
Women's Individual Pursuit C4
Women's Individual Pursuit C5
Women's Individual Pursuit B
Women's 1 km Time Trial B
Women's 500 m Time Trial C1-3
Women's 500 m Time Trial C4-5
Mixed Team Sprint C1-5