Para athletics in numbers: Brent Lakatos

The facts and stats behind the multi-world champion wheelchair racer 26 Apr 2018 By IPC

What do the figures reveal about world and Paralympic champion Brent Lakatos? In the second of our new series ‘Para Athletics in Numbers’ we take a look at Canada’s top T53 wheelchair racer.

11 – Lakatos has won 11 world titles so far in his career – at London 2017 he claimed gold in the 100m, 200m, 400m and 800m T53.

2006 - The year in which Lakatos competed in his first major championships - in Assen, the Netherlands, where he won 100m T53 world bronze in 15.25 seconds.

16 – The age when Lakatos (now 37 years old) began racing: “Yes, I can recall it. I will never forget losing to all the girls,” he said.

1,500 – The distance (in metres) that Lakatos likes to race most, because of the strategy involved.

14.10 – The current 100m T53 world record, which Lakatos set in Arbon, Switzerland, in May 2017.

120 – The number of kilometres that Lakatos clocks up each week in training – whether that be on the roads, the track or rollers.

3 – The number of spare tyres Lakatos takes to competitions.

6 – The number of chairs Lakatos has used in his 21 years of racing.