Tokyo 2020 wrap-up: Best shooting quotes

What the medallists said during a week of intense action at the Asaka Shooting Range during the Paralympic Games in Japan 06 Sep 2021
A man with a hat competing in a pistol shooting event in a shooting range
Singhraj and his lucky hat took silver medal for India in the P4 - mixed 50m pistol SH1 in Tokyo
ⒸHiroki Nishioka for World Shooting Para Sport
By OIS and World Shooting Para Sport

Seven days of action at the Asaka Shooting Range crowned 13 Paralympic champions and left a selection of great quotes from Tokyo 2020.

"My hat is a gift from my wife, so my very lucky hat."

India's silver medallist Singhraj on the trilby hat he wore during the P4 - mixed 50m pistol SH1 final.

"I cannot say that I chose shooting. I can say that shooting chose me. Every time I try to quit, shooting returns to me. That's the way."

Ukraine's Oleksii Denysiuk explaining that he could not give up the sport if he tried.

"In London the last shot I took was actually a mistake, and I was kind of greedy towards getting a medal in London. This time I only focused on practising, and that gave a good result."

South Korea's Youngjip Ship on improving from fourth place at London 2012 to taking bronze in 
R7 - men's 50m rifle 3 position at the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.

"Really good moments because of this gold medal. There are so many young shooters, and it's inspired me to work hard for more years for other competitions."

Slovakia's Veronika Vadovicova on how she will remember Tokyo 2020.

"Today I was listening to Kasabian. It was good. It relaxes me. It's just thinking about the music, and that's it."

Spain's Juan Antonio Saavedra on listening to rock music before claiming the bronze medal in the R6 – mixed 50m rifle prone SH1.

"I've burned my leg in a bath and couldn't train for a couple of months because I couldn't get in my track chair because of the blisters. They were going on tour, heading north, and said, 'Why don't you meet us in Broome [Western Australia]?'."

Rifle shooter Anton Zappelli recalling his time touring with band The Waifs.