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    The authors of the following presentations authorised the IPC to make their VISTA presentation(s) available to the general public on the IPC website.

    The IPC would like to thank all of the presenters for providing their expertise through this channel.

    Mactavish Engage Youth in Disability Sport
    Sanz Athlete Career Pathways in Wheelchair Tennis
    02 Angstadt Para-triathlon specific classification system
    05 Swanson It is an Olympians-Paralympians World
    12 Felder Evidence based classification in para-badminton
    13 Fagher Athlete perceptions of sport-related injury
    16 Dewitte Wheelchair-athlete interaction in relationship to field position in wheelchair basketball
    18 Ravensbergen Relationship between visual function and swimming performance
    22 Rego Transcranial cerebellar direct current stimulation in paralympic powerlifters
    26 DeGroot Effect of holding a racket on propulsion in wheelchair tennis players
    27 Douglas Career development and learning pathways of paralympic head coaches with a disability
    29 Perret Age effect at London Paralympics in three different sport disciplines
    32 Goss Athlete physical self concept and the impact of a centralized training environment
    34 Bundon Preparing for Rio - or transition out of sport
    35 Bundon Stories of London 2012 by the inspired generation
    39 Flueck Influence of caffeine on para-and tetraplegics in arm crank ergometer test
    40 Flueck Vitamin D deficiency in Swiss elite wheelchair athletes
    46 Misener Integrated or Separate - legacy approaches and impacts of para-sport events
    48 . DeubleTemporal and spatial features of reciprocal tapping task to detect submaximal effort
    58 Rosen Range of motion and power output during kayak paddling
    59 McCulloch Relationship between postural stability and Boccia performance
    65 Beckman Relationship between lower limb extensor strength and running perfomance in 3 athlete populations
    66 Spathis Evaluation of battery tets to predict running performance in runners with brain impairment
    69 Connick Classification of strength impairments in wheelchair athletes
    73 Campayo Reliability of test battery for classification in CP football
    74 Roldan Romaro Evaluating coordination and performance in boccia players
    81 Broad Vitamin D status of elite SCI athltes relative to diet and lifestyle factors
    84 Oh Passive drag in IPC Swimming Classification System
    85 Payton Active drag of elite para-swimmers during front crawl
    86 Payton Mass centre speed fluctuations of single arm amputee front crawl swimmers at sprint and distance pace
    90 Reina Reliability and validity of current classification methods ofr athletes T35-38 and FT5-8
    92 Tweedy Using scientif method to develop new evidence-based mehtods of paralympic classification1
    93 Tweedy Using scientif method to develop new evidence-based mehtods of paralympic classification2
    114 Villacieros Elbow flexors-extensors muscles torque and velocity performance in wheelchair basketball players
    115 Blauwet Novel sports medicine clinic for young para-athletes
    116 Stomphorst Injuries in Alpine Skiing at Sochi Paralympics
    117 Blaine Impact of time of onset of vision impairment - long term athlete development approach
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