Paralympic Games
24 August - 5 September 2021
An artist's impression of how the Tokyo 2020 national stadium will look
the official emblem of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games

Results Archive - Tokyo 2020


Host City Tokyo, Japan
Dates 25 - 03 September 2021
Events 51
Countries 50
Participants 230 (150 men and 80 women) Show Participants
Medalstandings Show medalstandings

Events and Medallists

Men's Road Race H1-2
Men's Road Race T1-2
Men's Road Race H3
Men's Road Race C1-3
Men's Road Race B
Men's Road Race H4
Men's Road Race H5
Men's Road Race C4-5
Men's Time Trial C1
Men's Time Trial H1
Men's Time Trial C2
Men's Time Trial H2
Men's Time Trial T1-2
Men's Time Trial C3
Men's Time Trial H3
Men's Time Trial B
Men's Time Trial C4
Men's Time Trial H4
Men's Time Trial C5
Men's Time Trial H5
Women's Road Race T1-2
Women's Road Race C1-3
Women's Road Race B
Women's Road Race H1-4
Women's Road Race H5
Women's Road Race C4-5
Women's Time Trial T1-2
Women's Time Trial C1-3
Women's Time Trial B
Women's Time Trial H1-3
Women's Time Trial C4
Women's Time Trial C5
Women's Time Trial H4-5
Mixed Team Relay H1-5
Men's Individual Pursuit C1
Men's Individual Pursuit C2
Men's Individual Pursuit C3
Men's Individual Pursuit B
Men's Individual Pursuit C4
Men's Individual Pursuit C5
Men's 1 km Time Trial C1-3
Men's 1 km Time Trial B
Men's 1 km Time Trial C4-5
Women's Individual Pursuit C1-3
Women's Individual Pursuit B
Women's Individual Pursuit C4
Women's Individual Pursuit C5
Women's 1 km Time Trial B
Women's 500 m Time Trial C1-3
Women's 500 m Time Trial C4-5
Mixed Team Sprint C1-5