PyeongChang 2018 unveiled its official emblem for the Paralympic Winter Games at the National Museum of Korea in Seoul on 29 October 2013.

The main design motif of the emblem surrounds the Korean letter that symbolises snow, ice and the Paralympic athletes.

The two letters together are said to portray a grand festival for the athletes, the audience and everyone around the globe.

The letters sitting side-by-side also signify equality, with South Korea's five cardinal colours being used to represent the uniqueness of each individual.


The slogan for the Games is “Passion. Connected” and the two simple words express the objectives and the legacies of the PeyongChang 2018 Games.

“Passion.” symbolises PyeongChang2018 as the stage of a global festival where people will exchange inspirations, share the Koreans’ warm unique hospitality, and experience the excitement of the Olympic and Paralympic Spirit.

“Connected” signifies the openness of PyeongChang where all generations can participate anytime and anywhere through Korea’s cutting-edge technology and cultural convergence. It also showcases the meaning of a new beginning and opening New Horizons for winter sports in Asia to spread further throughout the world.

Combined, “Passion. Connected.” expresses PyeongChang’s vision to expand the enthusiasm for and participation in winter sports to a wider audience throughout Asia, opening New Horizons for winter sports and the Winter Games.

Paralympic Torch Relay

The PyeongChang 2018 Paralympic Torch Relay was an eight-day celebration involving 200 torchbearers. It took place between 2 and 9 March 2018. Full details about the route can be found here.