Paralympic Winter Games
9-18 March

PyeongChang 2018 Countries - Norway

Norway has claimed 319 medals at the Paralympic Winter Games: Gold 135 - Silver 103 - Bronze 81.

The Lillehammer 1994 Paralympic Winter Games were Norway's most successful Paralympic Winter Games to date, winning 29 gold medals (S22-B13).

The NPC made its debut at the Ornskoldsvik 1976 Paralympic Winter Games.

At 135 gold medals, Norway leads all NPCs at the Paralympic Winter Games.

Norway hosted the Paralympic Winter Games in 1980 when the event was held in Geilo and in 1994 when the event was held in Lillehammer.

The NPC has been most successful in cross-country skiing, claiming 78 gold, 46 silver and 33 bronze medals.

Ragnhild Myklebust is Norway's most successful Winter Paralympian: G22-S3-B2. She claimed her medals in cross-country skiing (G16-S0-B0), ice sledge speed racing (G4-S3-B1) and biathlon (G2-S0-B1).

She is the athlete with most medals (27) and most gold medals (22) at the Paralympic Winter Games.

At the Sochi 2014 Paralympic Winter Games Mariann Marthinsen won Norway's only gold medal, in women's cross-country skiing 1km sprint sitting.

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