PyeongChang 2018 Paralympic Winter Games emblem launch

The PyeongChang Organising Committee for the 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games has launched its official Paralympic emblem in a ceremony that took place at the National Museum of Korea in Seoul, the Republic of Korea, on Tuesday, 29 October. The ceremony was attended by some 400 guests and dignitaries from home and abroad, including those representing local organizations for the disabled, as well as Sir Philip Craven, President of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), Kim Jin-sun, President of the PyeongChang 2018 Organising Committee (POCOG), Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Yoo Jinryong, along with Gangwon Governor Choi Moon-soon and Yoon Seok-yong, President of the Korean Paralympic Committee (KPC). In his congratulatory remarks, IPC President Sir Philip Craven said: "Although simple and traditional in its design, this emblem conveys so much about the Paralympic Movement and Korean culture. "It brings everything together and informs us all that in 2018, through the PyeongChang Paralympic Winter Games, Paralympians will create 'New Horizons' for millions around the world," he added. POCOG President Kim said in his greetings that POCOG, together with the Korean government, the National Assembly, Gangwon Province, and the host and venue cities, as well as those in the sports industry, is making "utmost efforts to deliver a very special Paralympic Winter Games, one that goes beyond the boundaries of disability, by creating an ideal environment for Paralympic athletes to perform at their best." Kim also spoke of POCOG's plan to carry out the Actualizing the Dream Project aimed at promoting Paralympic winter sports, raising awareness, and securing the social inclusion of people with disabilities. "I believe that today's launch of our Paralympic emblem will serve as a catalyst for this mission," he said. Emblem Concept In essence, the emblem embodies aspirations of the Paralympic Movement to build a bridge that links sport to social awareness, by developing a society in which all individuals are granted equal opportunities and mutual respect. It also represents PyeongChang's vision of New Horizons for the Paralympic Movement. The main design motif comes from the Korean letter, "?," symbolizing snow, ice and the Paralympic athletes. The two "?" letters together mean a grand festival for the athletes, the audience and everyone around the globe. The paralleled letters also signify equality while Korea's five cardinal colors are used to represent the uniqueness of each Paralympian.