PyeongChang 2018: Alpine skiing flash quotes day 2

Athletes' reaction following competition in super-G 11 Mar 2018

Kurt Oatway (CAN) - gold -men's super-G sitting

"Reflection is crystal or in this case gold.

"It's definitely my new No.1. My previous No.1 was my crystal globe back in 2015/16 for downhill but the Paralympics are once every four years, it's the big show. It's what everybody trains for and comes out for."

"Yesterday (Saturday) was a very, very low point for me. I had a big mistake in the top part of the course for the downhill, I lost three seconds worth of time and was very, very upset about it."

Andrew Kurka (USA) - silver - men's super-G sitting

"It could have been quite a bit better. I had two major mistakes, both of which cost me a second. One coming down in the finish pitch here and one starting at the top, but I’m happy to get a podium, I’m happy to get the silver medal.

"I came out here to do my best and I did my best and I got from top to bottom. I have some more events coming up here in the week and I'm going to do my best to see if I can't put (them) down.

"Super-G is my favourite event. It’s not as fun for me as downhill, but I think I'm quite a bit better at it. When it comes down to it I've learned a lot today. I messed up twice on this course and for most people messing up one time means they're not on the podium.

"For me to mess up twice and then to be able to knife that middle section, and to come down and still be on the podium is something to be proud of."

Theo Gmur (SUI) - gold - men's super-G standing

"Incredible. Two gold medals in two gold races, it’s just unbelievable.

"It's complicated because you have to wait and wait and wait [for the results to come in]. I was nervous, but I had good feeling because I knew that I did a pretty good race and I was waiting."

Arthur Bauchet (FRA) - silver - men's super-G standing

“I did a mistake, I can’t change that. It’s my run and it’s a silver run. That’s good enough for me.”

Jakub Krako (SVK) - gold - men's super-G vision impaired

"It was brilliant. After silver (in the downhill on Saturday) I was really calm at the start. We showed what we can do, it was perfect.

"Having a silver medal in the room meant I was thinking, 'It doesn't matter how this finishes'. It was mega fun. I gave my maximum.

"I will sleep a little bit longer because every day I wake up at 4:45am, which is pretty early. Then I will train. The next day is super combined and we have to get used to slalom skis."

Marie Bochet (FRA) - gold - women's super-G standing

“It’s a crazy day, it’s not easy but I accept this. I was a little bit tired and… I think I need to take a day off to take care of me and be stronger because I’m not able to do my best ski today, but it’s a winning ski.”

Anna Schaffelhuber (GER) - gold - women's super-G sitting

"Today was a little easier, I had the gold medal from yesterday."

"It was very turny today. I focused on a clever line. I was not sure if it was the fastest line but I tried to go straight when it was possible. When I was in the finish area I had to have a second look at the screen because I did not believe it."

"My gold medal from yesterday is on the small desk, next to the bed. So in the morning when I got up I saw it, it was good motivation for today."

Claudia Loesch (AUT) - silver - women's super-G sitting

"I should say great (on winning silver) because it's a medal but I know I didn't ski as well as I could have so at the moment disappointment at not winning gold is bigger than the joy of winning a medal. I mean, I guess that will be happening in a week or something, but at the moment it's a very mixed situation for me."

"Yesterday the problem was that I broke my really, really good and really fast race ski in a crash so the same one I would have used today. The other ski is good but it's not the one I feel most comfortable on.

"So basically a crash destroyed two races for me, and that kinda sucks.”

Henrieta Farkasova (SVK) - gold - women's super-G vision impaired

"Perfect. The feelings are great, it feels amazing. It's awesome, it's perfect. We had a really good run. We felt quite good and happy about the run and when we saw the results when we came down it was just great."

"We wouldn't say (we were) invincible, everyone is (beatable). It's just the state of mind and the mental strength we have to have.

"Of course, the girls are pushing really hard and we really have to give it our all in order to beat them, but we also know at the same time if we do our good run in the way we know how to ski we can win."

Natalia Subrtova (guide)

"She was a poker face. For me I have a quite an emotional personality. Sometimes I feel I live it for both of us because Henrieta is more introvert and she keeps her feelings to herself, but it doesn't mean she's not living in the moment, or enjoying it the same as I am. I'm just the one that expresses it more.

"To me, it meant a lot. We've put a lot of work into it and there were a lot of hurdles we had to overcome with her medical issues. She had a back problem in the summer and the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) tear and everything. We started the season quite late in October, but we came out strong and we're feeling that we're skiing really good in PyeongChang."

Millie Knight (GBR) - silver - women's super-G vision impaired

"I think we were a bit more relaxed than yesterday. The pressure was off a bit after winning our first silver and yeah, we just wanted to ski it today and really work on our technical elements.

"She's (Farkasvoa) an absolutely fantastic skier, she really is. In 10 years' time, if we’re as good as Henrieta and (guide) Natalia Subrtova… wow!"