PyeongChang 2018: Cross-country flash quotes day 3

Athletes' reaction following competition cross-country skiing 15km/20km 12 Mar 2018
Athlete skiing standing

Ukraine's Ihor Reptyukh won gold in the men's cross country 20km standing

ⒸThomas Lovelock for OIS

Ekaterina Rumyantseva(NPA) - gold - women's cross-country 15km standing

"I tried not to let anyone pass me. This is my race. It is mine since 2015. I was third in the (15km freestyle race at the 2015) world championships. I didn't have experience then or anything. I just took it thanks to my stubborn character and that's it. Anya (Anna MILENINA) was not there then. She was on maternity leave, otherwise maybe she would have put the heat on me too."

Anna Milenina(NPA) - silver - women's cross-country 15km standing

"It's not the end. Everything is still ahead. We'll heat up these tracks yet."

Liudmyla Liashenko (UKR) - bronze - women's cross-country 15km standing

"I'm very happy with the result because I don't really like the long distances and I didn't ski the 15km at the World Cup stage in Germany or at the World Cup stage in Finland. So this season, my first 15km are here and it is very hard."

Sviatlana Sakhanenka (BLR) - gold - women's cross-country 15km vision impaired

"I can't describe it. It was great. I trained really hard and I think I deserved this gold.

"I wouldn't say it was easy - the gold is never easy to get - but it was also not very hard. I was prepared and I felt that I gave it all that I could."

Oksana Shyshkova (UKR) - silver - women's cross-country 15km vision impaired

"Each one skis this race differently. Somebody starts off strong in the beginning; somebody adds more in the end, so everyone does it differently. You never know how your body will react. The most important thing is to be smart about it and pace yourself along the course."

Mikhalina Lysova (NPA) - bronze - women's cross-country 15km vision impaired

"Today the main thing was the skis. Today the skis were completely terrible. They were getting sucked into the snow on the climbs and the descents. We weren't even able to take breaks. Today it was a very hard race."

Brian McKeever (CAN) - gold - men's cross-country 20km vision impaired

"[Winning the 11th Paralympic gold medal] It's confirmation that we're still competitive even at ripe old age now.

"It's not about winning medals, but it is about challenging ourselves with our training and how that effects the racing. We're not afraid to try new things in training or change it up or experiment a bit.

"We look to see what the results are from that and sometimes it's good, sometimes it's not, and then we tweak it again and that's part of the fun. That's what keeps us going all these years. It's not just about chasing another victory, but it's actually seeing if we can work on weaknesses and improve."

Thomas Clarion (FRA) - bronze - men's cross-country 20km vision impaired

"(It feels) very good. It was hard today, it was long and the snow started to get warm in the end but I managed to start fast.

"When the snow changed it was hard for me to be fast so I tried to maintain my place."

Ihor Reptyukh (UKR) - gold - men's cross-country 20km standing

"There is so many feelings of joy simply for being able to complete your work successfully. I did what I was preparing to do. For an athlete, this is the greatest joy that he can get."

Benjamin Daviet (FRA) - silver - men's cross-country 20km standing

"It was very hard for me, I'm really tired and had difficulties to breathe. I'm happy with my medal but I'm very, very tired."

Hakon Olsrud (NOR) - bronze - men's cross-country 20km standing

"It's my third podium position in my career so that it happens today is completely incredible. What's happening today exceeds all expectations."