Alexandra Adams

Alpine Skiing


Impairment information

Jim Gibb

Further personal information

Higher education
Medicine - Cardiff University: Wales

Sport specific information

When and where did you begin this sport?
She first tried skiing in about 2014 in La Plagne, France.
Why this sport?
She was a member of the Great Britain Para swimming team, but complications following stomach surgery resulted in her being unable to return to the sport competitively. "I was one of nine lucky blind students to go on our school's first ever ski trip. For a week I was taught how to put my feet on skis and was guided by my instructor Adrien Sargent at Oxygene Ski School in La Plagne. Tragically Adrien died shortly after following an avalanche accident, but his passing only made me more determined to keep up the new winter sport he had ultimately helped me fall in love with."

General interest

Other sports
She was previously a member of the Great Britain Para swimming team. (, Dec 2016)
To compete at the Paralympic Winter Games. (, Dec 2016)
She has visual and hearing impairments. "I only see a very small amount of light and colour, and can only see centrally in front of me, so I use a long white cane to help navigate my way round. Without my hearing aids I am completely deaf." (, Dec 2016)