As part of its commitment to improving the understanding of Classification within the Paralympic Movement, the IPC provides a free, open access online course.

Access the Classification Fundamentals online course

Whether you’re an Athlete, coach, official, or member of support staff, this resource was developed for you, following consistent feedback from Members calling for an introductory Classification resource.

It includes four self-paced modules, each with structured lessons that can be completed sequentially or navigated freely, depending on your role, interests, or previous experience. Individual learning resources and microlearning summaries are also available and can be used independently of the main modules.

The four modules of the Classification Fundamentals online course, including 'The Paralympic Movement', 'The Development of Paralympic Classification', 'The IPC Athlete Classification Code and International Standards', and 'Classification and the Athlete journey'.
The Classification Fundamentals online course consists of four, self-paced modules.

Whilst the course is based on the current 2015 Athlete Classification Code, we anticipate an updated version will follow in 2024 to accompany the publication of the new Code, pending the completion of the review process.

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International Sport Federations are obligated to implement Classification education and awareness programmes for Athletes, Athlete Support Personnel and other stakeholders (e.g., media, spectators etc).

Such programmes must describe and explain Classification Rules and clarify Compliance with the Code. International Sport Federations must involve Athletes in the development and delivery of such education and awareness programmes (IPC Athlete Classification Code Article 10.1).

Classifier Training

International Sport Federations must also provide training and education to ensure Classifiers obtain and/or maintain Classifier competencies. In many cases, all or part of these courses are open for any individual wishing to learn more about Classification in a particular sport.

For further information, please contact or visit the respective International Sport Federation's website to find out about upcoming courses and their requirements.