Since the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Winter Games, medical workshops have been held at Paralympic Games and Paralympic Winter Games.

A man standing up and speaking in front of a Vancouver 2010 backdrop
The first Medical Workshop for NPC Team Physicians was held at the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Winter Games

The presence of Team Physicians, Physiotherapists and Health Care Staff of participating nations, responsible for the cure and care of athletes, at the Paralympic Games and Paralympic Winter Games provides a unique opportunity to exchange knowledge in the area of medical services. 

Presentations from the PyeongChang 2018 Team Physician Medical Workshop can be found below:

Illness prevention in wintersports environment (Webborn)

How can injury surveillance inform advances in sport safety (Derman)

Sport-technical considerations in reducing injury risk in Para Alpine skiing (Bombardier)

Implementing injury and illness surveillance at the national level (Moseby)

Concussion in Para athletes (Kissick)

From research to practical implications in Para Sports Medicine (Lexell)

Updates on Anti-doping and TUE management in paralympic sport (Fedoruk)

Preparing for Paralympic Medical Services (YoungHee Lee)

Nutritional Strategies for Optimizing Winter Sport Athlete Health (Broad)

The presentations of previous Paralympic Games Team Physician Medical Workshops can be found below.

Presentations from the Rio 2016 Team and IF Medical Staff Workshop can be downloaded here:

Welcome and Introduction (Blauwet & Vanlandewijck)

Injury and Illness Epidemiology in Paralympic Sport – Lessons Learnt (Derman)

Translating Injury Epidemiology to Practice for Injury Prevention in Paralympic Football 5-a-side (Webborn)

Return to Play Guidelines Following Acute Illness (Schewellnus)

The Importance of an Emergency Response Plan: An NPC Perspective (Thompson)

Water Quality at the Rio 2016 Olympics and Paralympics (Duffus)

Medical Issues Specific to the Paralympic Athlete (Lexell)

Anti-Doping Updates in Paralympic Sport (Fedoruk)

Concussion in Paralympic Athletes: The Next (But Not the Final) Frontier (Kissick)

Unique Considerations – the Female Paralympic Athlete (Blauwet)

Prevention of Harassment and Abuse in Paralympic Sport (Tuakli-Wosornu)

Presentations from the Vancouver 2010 workshop can be downloaded here:

Paralympic Team Physician Needs and Demands (Davidson)

Paralympic Athletes Competing in Extreme Conditions (O'Connor)

Autonomic Dysreflexia and Boosting (Thompson)

Sport Injury from Salt Lake to Vancouver (Webborn)

Operational Aspects of Paralympic Games Related Medical Services (Wilkinson)

Presentations from the Sochi 2014 workshop can be downloaded here:

Training OCOG Medical Workforce to serve Paralympic Sports (Pleskov)

Autonomic dysfunctions in Paralympic athletes (Krassioukov)

Team physicians needs and demands on medical care for paralympic athletes (Stinus)

Athlete health and safety issues in Ice Sledge Hockey (Blase)

Safe Sport: The Pre-Participation Examination (Grimm)

The influence of the sit ski position on performance and daily life activity – a case report (Assländer, Albert, Rapp, Rombach)

Safe sport: Anti-doping perspectives (Webb)

Clinical Lessons for Team Physicians: what the IISS tells us (Derman)

Sports participation in extreme (cold) environments (Thompson)