Appreciation Award

Paralympic Games Appreciation Award

Representatives from Organising Committees and host cities will be recognised for their efforts in delivering successful Paralympic Games through three tiers of Appreciation Awards: 

Tier 1: this award will be presented to a small select group of highest ranked officials e.g. OCOG President, OCOG CEO, Governor/Mayor of host city.  

Tiers 2 and 3: recognition plaques in two sizes will be presented to certain senior executives and key high-level members of the OCOG and host city. 

These awards will normally be presented towards the end of the Paralympic Games. Recommendations will be made by the IPC representative on the Coordination Commission of the respective Paralympic Games, and the Management Team in consultation with the protocol department of the relevant Organising Committee. The President will then select the recipients. The IPC will send an invitational letter and a nomination form to relevant individuals, including the timelines and criteria.