The review of the 2015 IPC Athlete Classification Code was approved by the IPC Governing Board in January 2021. It is an extensive three-year process, with open consultation at its core. This page will keep you updated with developments throughout.

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“It is an exciting opportunity for all to play their part in creating a better, more equitable Paralympic Movement.”

— Scott Field, Chair of the Code Drafting Team


While classification is a complex and ever-evolving area, improving the IPC Athlete Classification Code is seen as essential for the continued development of the Paralympic Movement. 

The Code Drafting Team has been established by the IPC Governing Board to oversee the Review. Its role is to obtain and analyse stakeholder feedback, and to determine how best to incorporate such feedback into the working drafts of the new Code. It will be led by an independent chair, Scott Field. The South African swimmer, who competed in the Sydney 2000 and Athens 2004 Paralympics, will lead on presenting to the IPC General Assembly, Governing Board and Membership. 

At this stage, it is envisaged that implementation of the new IPC Athlete Classification Code will be January 2025 for summer sports and July 2026 for winter sports. The current 2015 IPC Athlete Classification Code and accompanying International Standards remain in place and fully effective until the new Code’s implementation date. 

The documents below contain more detailed information on the procedure and timescales of the Code review, as well as the composition of the Code Drafting Team. These documents have been updated to reflect an amended timeline for the Code review, which was approved by the IPC Governing Board in June 2022.


Gathering feedback through consultation is at the heart of the Code review. Extensive feedback will be gathered and analysed by the Code Drafting Team through three phases of open consultation which will take place from 2021-2023:

•    Phase 1 consultation – ended 17 September 2021
•    Phase 2 consultation – August 2022 to December 2022
•    Phase 3 consultation - anticipated July to October 2023

There will be regular meetings and calls with the IPC Membership throughout the consultation phases, and a series of education sessions, particularly once the final documents are published in 2024. The Code Drafting Team will also be supported by several sub-groups, who will lead on the drafting of the various supporting documents. 

Feedback is encouraged from anyone with an interest in classification across the Movement. Consultation will also include stakeholder feedback from the IPC Athletes’ Council, IPC Medical Committee, IPC Science and Research Working Group, IPC Board of Appeal of Classification, classifiers, human rights experts, and other appropriate experts.


Thank you to everyone across the Movement who participated in the first consultation phase. We were delighted with the amount and quality of feedback. Your time is much appreciated. The feedback and comments have been analysed by the Code Drafting Team.

The Code Drafting Team will present new working drafts of the Code ahead of Phase 2 consultation during which further feedback from the membership will be sought.

Updates will continue to be provided on this page throughout the process.



For any other assistance on submitting feedback or for general queries on the Code review, please contact