The athletes are the heart of the Paralympic Movement. The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) would like to empower them with the knowledge and resources that will aid them in and after their sporting career in hosting the 2019 IPC Athletes Forum.

2019 IPC Athletes Forum, 22-24 November 2019, Colorado, USA

The second edition of the Forum will be hosted by the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC) from 22-24 November.

The 2019 Forum will again be a forum for open dialogue, consultation and information sharing. The main theme for the 2019 edition will be the IPC Athletes’ Council Strategy.

Up to 100 athletes are expected to attend the 2019 Athletes Forum.

2017 IPC Athletes Forum, 8 – 11 June 2017, Duisburg Germany

Athletes at the 2017 Forum

The first IPC Athletes Forum was held in Duisburg, Germany, from 8-11 June 2017.

It was a forum for open dialogue, consultation and information sharing on various topics such as effective athlete representation, anti-doping, classification and Paralympic Games.

The event took place at the Sportschule Wedau in Duisburg, Germany.

Targeting different groups of athletes, the IPC Athletes Forum included two different events:

1- The IF Days (8 – 10 June): was dedicated to bringing the IF Athlete Representatives and the IPC Athletes’ Council together. The main goal was the development of sustainable communication lines between the IFs and the Athletes’ Council.

2- The NPC Days (10 – 11 June): athletes who hold a representative role within their NPC or are aiming to do so were targeted. The sessions was focused more on group discussions and experiences regarding athletes and their NPCs.