The VISTA conference is designed to promote and advance the mission, goals, objectives and reputation of the IPC and provides a platform for sport scientists to meet with experts in the field of sport for athletes with an impairment. Due to a need for greater opportunities to discuss and exchange knowledge, the VISTA Conference has become an important international event for sports scientists and researchers as well as for elite sport for athletes with an impairment.

Information about the upcoming VISTA 2023 conference can be found here.

The 2017 VISTA conference was held in Toronto, Canada

The objectives of the VISTA conference include:
-    To provide a forum for exchange on current information, research and expertise related to Paralympic Sport and the Paralympic Movement.
-    To enhance and promote cross-disciplinary professional interaction among sport scientists, coaches, athletes and sport administrators.

The target groups of conference include: sports scientists and researchers, classifiers, coaches/trainers, sports administrators and athletes.

Previous VISTA Conferences took place in Jasper, Canada (1993); Cologne, Germany (1999); Bollnas, Sweden (2003); Bonn, Germany (2006, 2011 and 2013); Girona, Spain (2015); Toronto, Canada (2017); Amsterdam, Netherlands (2019). Links to current and past VISTA websites can be found below.