The IPC is composed of a General Assembly, Governing Board, Management Team and various Committees

The structure of the IPC

*only speaking rights

As members of the IPC, International Sport Federations (IFs), National Paralympic Committees (NPCs), International Organisations of Sport for the Disabled (IOSDs) and Regional Organisations have the right to submit motions, vote at meetings, nominate candidates for appropriate IPC bodies and participate in IPC activities.

Regional Organisations

Regional Organisations are independent of the IPC and are recognised as the sole representatives of IPC members within a specific part of the world.

They act as liaisons of the IPC, organise regional sporting events, coordinating development activities and providing support to the IPC membership department in the respective regions. They also have the right to participate in IPC activities.

The IPC currently recognises four Regional Organisations, and has established a fifth in the Americas, which will remain until an independent Regional Organisation is created there.

African Paralympic Committee Mr. Samson Deen [email protected]; [email protected]
Americas Paralympic Committee Mr. Julio César Ávila Sarria [email protected]
Asian Paralympic Committee Ms. Michelle Abad [email protected]
European Paralympic Committee Ms. Saskia Kanfer [email protected]c.org
Oceania Paralympic Committee Mr. Paul Bird [email protected]

General Assembly

The General Assembly is the supreme governing body of IPC. It meets once every two years and is composed of:

International Sports Federations (IOSD Sports and World Para Sports)

National Paralympic Committees (NPCs)

International Organisations of Sport for the Disabled (IOSDs)

Regional Organisations (see above)

The Assembly of IPC Members is the supreme authority of the IPC and is responsible for defining the vision and general direction of the IPC. It shall also:

  • Elect the President, the Vice President, 10 Members at Large
  • Consider and approve the IPC's budget and the IPC membership fee policy
  • Consider and approve the policy and procedures for nomination and election of Governing Board members
  • Consider motions from members and through the Governing Board from Standing Committees
  • Hear and receive the reports of the Governing Board and CEO
  • Approve and admit full members in the IPC
  • Consider and approve the financial reports and audited accounts and thereby discharge the Bodies of the Organisation
  • Consider and approve the bylaws outlining the Members' rights and obligations
  • Approve amendments to the IPC constitution
  • Receive and approve the minutes of the previous General Assembly