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Alfie Hewett

Wheelchair Tennis

In January 2018, Alfie Hewett became the singles world No. 1 for the first time in his career at just 20 years old. He had enjoyed a very successful 2017, with titles at Roland Garros and the Masters.

He went on to win three singles titles in 2018, including the US Open for the first time. After that, he decided to take a temporary break from the sport before returning for the 2019 Australian Open.

Hewett also enjoyed success in the doubles alongside Gordon Reid. Together they won Wimbledon and the US Open in 2018.

The Brit announced himself on to the world stage in 2016, when the former boys’ world number one was not ranked for the Grand Slams but still managed to win one in doubles together with Reid thanks to a wildcard entry for Wimbledon in July.

The duo first beat Gustavo Fernandez and Joachim Gerard in the opening round before fighting back against top seeds Stephane Houdet and Nicolas Peifer to claim the doubles title.

The lifelong Norwich City FC fan carried his form to Rio 2016 where he showed his immense quality to make two finals – singles and doubles.

The then 18-year-old beat numerous seeds to progress into the singles final, where he helped create history in an-all British Paralympic men’s singles final. Reid outshone the youngster in the singles final as Hewett claimed silver.

He then joined up with the Scotsman once again in the doubles gold medal match, losing out to the French number one pairing of Houdet and Peifer.


Unit Date Rank
Rio 2016 Paralympic Games (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Event Medal Unit Date Rank
Men's Singles 1/32nd final 2016-09-09 21
Men's Singles 1/16th final 2016-09-11 11
Men's Doubles Quarterfinal 2016-09-12 4
Men's Singles 1/8th final 2016-09-12 6
Men's Doubles Semifinal 2016-09-13 2
Men's Doubles 1/8th final 2016-09-13 8
Men's Singles Quarterfinal 2016-09-13 3
Men's Singles Semifinal 2016-09-14 2
Men's Doubles Gold Medal Match 2016-09-15 1
Men's Singles Gold Medal Match 2016-09-16 1
Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games (Tokyo, Japan)
Event Medal Unit Date Rank
Men's Singles 1/16th Final 2021-08-28 2
Men's Doubles 1/8th Final 2021-08-29 8
Men's Doubles Quarterfinal 2021-08-30 4
Men's Singles 1/8th Final 2021-08-30 3
Men's Doubles Semifinal 2021-08-31 2
Men's Singles Quarterfinal 2021-09-01 2
Men's Singles Semifinal 2021-09-02 1
Men's Doubles Gold Medal Match 2021-09-03 1
Men's Singles Bronze Medal Match 2021-09-04 1