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Andrew Haraghey

Alpine Skiing


Impairment information

Type of Impairment
Cerebral Palsy
Origin of Impairment

Further personal information

Enfield, CT, USA
Higher education
Chemistry - Westminster College: Salt Lake City, UT, USA

Sport specific information

When and where did you begin this sport?
He took up skiing at age seven, and began racing in about 2010.
Why this sport?
His mother Sheryl taught him how to ski. "She put up with me hanging onto one end of a pole while she held the other for three years to teach me how to ski. As a kid, I wasn't quite strong enough to do it, to stay upright the whole time and control myself going down the hill, so she supported me as I built up strength. She wanted me to find something where I could push myself and have that ambition and that drive to do better."
Club / Team
National Ability Center: Park City, UT, USA
Name of coach
Erik Leirfallom [club]
Training Regime
He focuses on strengthening his legs during the off-season. "I have to stay on top of my energy levels and how my legs are feeling."

International debut

Competing for
United States
Aspen, CO, USA

General interest

Memorable sporting achievement
Competing at the 2018 Paralympic Winter Games in Pyeongchang. (, 12 Jul 2018)
Hero / Idol
American football player Tom Brady. (IPC, 05 Feb 2018)
In November 2021 he broke a bone in his foot. (, 14 Jan 2022)

In March 2021 he sustained a partial toe fracture. (, 27 Apr 2021; Instagram profile, 15 Mar 2021)

In October 2020 he sustained a fracture to his right ankle and underwent a surgery a month later. (, 27 Apr 2021, 12 Nov 2020; Instagram profile, 29 Oct 2020)

In the early part of 2016 he broke the femur bone in his leg at a World Cup event. (IPC, 05 Feb 2018; Facebook profile, 18 Jun 2016)

In 2011 he underwent surgery on a bone in his foot. (, 25 Apr 2012)
Sporting philosophy / motto
"Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something." (, 18 Mar 2018)
Awards and honours
In 2016 he received the North Atlantic Conference [NAC] Sportsmanship Award for his contribution to Para alpine skiing. (, 18 Mar 2018)

In 2014 he received the Bob Casey Courage Award from the Connecticut Sports Writers' Alliance in the United States of America. (, 2016)
To win a gold medal at the 2022 Paralympic Winter Games in Beijing. (, 12 Jul 2018)
He contracted viral encephalitis [inflammation of the brain] at age six months, which resulted in cerebral palsy. He has severe muscle tension from the waist down. "Basically my [lower] muscles are kind of weak and tight and contracted. It's almost like I'm fighting a spasm the whole time, or a cramp or something like that. One muscle will fight against the other. So I've kind of got to overcome that. It took a long time to develop that [strength]." (One Revolution Facebook page, 04 Nov 2021; IPC, 05 Feb 2018;, 12 Aug 2014)
Other information
He has considered competing in sit skiing rather than as a stand-up skier due to a number of injuries he sustained to his lower limbs in 2020 and 2021. "I kind of played around with [sit ski] because I couldn't put a ski boot on [due to his injuries]. I figured I'd give it a shot. It's something I've actually struggled with a little bit because it may be better for my body in the long term, and I may be able to feel a little bit more competitive in that field, but I don't feel like I've done all I'm capable of as a standing skier. I feel like if I switched now [speaking in 2021], I've kind of quit on myself. I feel like I have more to reach and I want to get there before I transition. It's something that I'm thinking about, maybe post-Beijing [2022 Paralympic Winter Games]." (One Revolution Facebook page, 04 Nov 2021)

He wanted to play in team sports as a child, and tried out in soccer, baseball, and ice hockey. "I felt frustrated as a kid. It was difficult watching all my friends do it and I couldn't. But I also thrive more under pressure, so it pushed me to try harder or try in a different way and just be persistent." (, 14 Jan 2022)

His mother Sheryl wrote and illustrated a children's book based on his life titled 'Andrew Can Ski, Even with C.P.', which was published in July 2014. (, 06 Dec 2014;, 01 Jul 2014)


Unit Date Rank
Pyeongchang 2018 Paralympic Winter Games (Pyeongchang, South Korea)
Event Medal Unit Date Rank
Men's Downhill Standing Final 2018-03-10 18
Men's Super-G Standing Final 2018-03-11 24
Kranjska Gora/Sella Nevea 2019 World Para Alpine Skiing Championships (Kranjska Gora/Sella Nevea, Slovenia)
Event Medal Unit Date Rank
Men's Giant Slalom Standing Race 1 2019-01-21 9999
Men's Slalom Standing Race 1 2019-01-23 9999
Men's Downhill Standing Race 1 2019-01-30 20
Men's Super-Combined Standing Race 1 2019-01-31 12
Men's Super-G Standing Race 1 (from SC) 2019-01-31 19