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Dylan Alcott

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Dylan Alcott’s 2018 could not have been better.

The wheelchair tennis quad player made it four fabulous consecutive years winning the Australian Open singles trophy in 2018, when he emerged triumphant on home soil once more. He then joined forces with compatriot Heath Davidson to win the doubles title as well.

Alcott followed that up with titles at the US Open and the Singles Masters to return to world No. 1. He also led Australia to their second World Team Cup quad title in three years.

The Australian is well known for being among a unique group of athletes who have won Paralympic gold at two different Games in different sports.

Alcott made his Paralympic debut in 2008, winning gold in wheelchair basketball. Four years later he won silver at London 2012.

Since his switch to wheelchair tennis he has been an absolute revelation.

In 2015 he won both the Australian and US Open, defeating the USA’s David Wagner each time. At Rio 2016 he won singles and doubles golds.

In the singles, he beat Great Britain’s Andy Lapthorne in straight sets and partnered with Heath Davidson to win doubles gold in three sets against the US pairing of David Wagner and Nicholas Taylor.


Unit Date Rank
Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games (Beijing, China)
Event Medal Unit Date Rank
Men's Tournament Group B 1
Men's Tournament Final 101
Men's Tournament Semifinal 202
Men's Tournament Quarterfinal 304
Men's Tournament Group B 5
Men's Tournament Group B 4
Men's Tournament Group B 3
Men's Tournament Group B 2
London 2012 Paralympic Games (London, Great Britain)
Event Medal Unit Date Rank
Men Group A 2012-08-30 3
Men Group A 2012-08-31 6
Men Group A 2012-09-01 9
Men Group A 2012-09-02 12
Men Group A - Standings 2012-09-03 1
Men Group A 2012-09-03 13
Men Quarterfinal 2012-09-05 301
Men Semifinal 2012-09-06 201
Men Final 2012-09-08 101
Rio 2016 Paralympic Games (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Event Medal Unit Date Rank
Quad Singles 1/8th final 2016-09-09 1
Quad Singles Quarterfinal 2016-09-10 1
Quad Doubles Quarterfinal 2016-09-10 3
Quad Doubles Semifinal 2016-09-11 2
Quad Singles Semifinal 2016-09-12 1
Quad Doubles Gold Medal Match 2016-09-13 1
Quad Singles Gold Medal Match 2016-09-14 1
Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games (Tokyo, Japan)
Event Medal Unit Date Rank
Quad Singles 1/8th Final 2021-08-28 6
Quad Doubles Semifinal 2021-08-29 2
Quad Singles Quarterfinal 2021-08-30 2
Quad Singles Semifinal 2021-08-31 1
Quad Doubles Gold Medal Match 2021-09-01 1
Quad Singles Gold Medal Match 2021-09-04 1