How do you ensure equal opportunities in wheelchair fencing?

During a contest the fencers’ wheelchairs are fastened into medal frames on the floor, allowing freedom of the upper body only. 24 Sep 2014
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There are also two categories - 'A' for those who have a good sitting balance, either with or without the support of their lower limbs, and 'B' for those who have a fair sitting balance and an unaffected fencing arm.

Fencers record hits by striking their opponent cleanly in the valid area, with successful hits recorded by the electronic equipment. Although fencers cannot move back and forth, the fact that there are no restrictions to upper body movement means duels are as exciting and fast as in able-bodied fencing events.

Wheelchair fencing is governed by the International Wheelchair and Amputee Sports Federation (IWAS), that is a member of the International Paralympic Committee.