How many editions of the IPC Athletics European Championships took place before Swansea 2014?

The 2014 IPC Athletics European Championships in Swansea, held from 19-23 August, are the fourth edition of European Championships. 21 Aug 2014
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Before, there were three other editions of this event. 2012 in Dutch Stadskannaal, 2005 in Finnish Espoo and 2003 in Dutch Assen.

This year’s IPC Athletics European Championships (19-23 August) are expected to bring together around 560 athletes from more than 40 European countries. Swansea 2014 aims to ‘raise the bar’ of the Sport Festival by delivering both a successful ‘athlete centred’ Championships as well as a legacy that the whole of Wales and Europe can share and be proud of.

You can find all information like event schedule, results etc. on the Swansea website.

Allianz as proud partner of IPC Athletics is very much looking forward to exciting competitions and wishes all athletes best of luck!