What is not allowed in wheelchair basketball?

The official FIBA rules are followed with a few modifications due to the usage of a wheelchair. After gaining control of the ball, the athlete is not allowed to touch their wheels more than two times without dribbling (travelling). Also, the athlete is not allowed to step up or lift themselves out of the wheelchair (lifting). 23 Oct 2014
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The wheelchair itself varies only slightly from an everyday version although it is more stable and designed for speed and agility.

Depending on their functional abilities a point value from 1.0 (most severely impaired) to 4.5 is given to each player. At no time during a game, the team on the field of play must exceed a total of 14 points all together. Otherwise, the team will be penalised with a technical foul.

Wheelchair Basketball was first played in the USA when basketball players, injured during World War II, adapted the running game to wheelchairs. The Rome 1960 Paralympic Games marked the start of the very successful development of the sport.