What is the qualifying time for an IPC Athletics Marathon World Cup?

The qualifying time for the IPC Athletics Marathon World Cup which was held on 13 April as part of the 2014 Virgin Money London Marathon was 2h50min for male athletes and 3h00min for female athletes. 11 Oct 2014

Event qualification is based on the IPC Athletics ranking list for the marathon. Furthermore, all athletes must have achieved the qualification standard at an IPC Athletics recognised competition (IPC competition, IPC sanctioned or IPC Athletics approved competitions) during the qualification period.

The 2014 World Cup in London, not only featured T53-T54 (wheelchair athletes) but also IPC Athletics classes T42-46 (leg and arm amputees), T11-T13 (visually impaired) and T51-T52 (quadriplegic) for both men and women. Particularly, the latter was new to the programme.

Marathon events have been held at the Summer Paralympic Games, for both men and women, since the 1984 Summer Paralympics in Stoke Mandeville and New York.