What’s the distance of all rowing events?

All events are raced over 1000m, rather than the 2000m that is the standard distance in Olympic rowing. 02 Oct 2014

The hulls of rowing boats are identical to the boats used in Olympic competition. Rowing is sometimes known as ‘adaptive rowing’, with the equipment used on the boats adapted to the rowers that are using them. However, athletes must comply with strict rules on how they are strapped into their boat to ensure that competition is fair.

Rowing was introduced to the Paralympic Games in Beijing in 2008, and has continued to grow, with now over 24 nations competing. Each national federation is only allowed to enter one boat in each event.

There are four events on the Paralympic Rowing programme: the men’s arms only single scull (ASM1x), the women’s arms only single scull (ASW1x), the trunk and arms mixed double scull (TAMix2x) and the legs, trunk and arms mixed coxed four (LTAMix4+). Strictly speaking, the coxed four is the only ‘rowing’ event. The others are sculling events, where each athlete uses two oars rather than one.