17036-Lu Li photo


Impairment information

Type of Impairment
Limb deficiency
Origin of Impairment
T46, F46

Further personal information

Zhengzhou, CHN
Athlete, Sports Teacher
Higher education
Physical Education - Zhengzhou University: China

Sport specific information

When and where did you begin this sport?
She took up the sport in 2010 in Dengzhou, People's Republic of China. She began training seriously in 2011.
Why this sport?
During her sixth year at primary school, she was selected by the Dengzhou Disabled Persons' Federation in the People's Republic of China to participate in a municipal sporting event. After showing potential at the event, she progressed to provincial-level competition.
Club / Team
Henan Province: China
Name of coach
Yang Xiaoping, CHN

General interest

Travel. (Athlete, 07 Nov 2019)
Memorable sporting achievement
Winning gold in the women's T47 400m at the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. (Athlete, 07 Nov 2019)
Most influential person in career
Her first coach. (Athlete, 07 Nov 2019)
Hero / Idol
Chinese Para sprinter Shi Yiting. (Athlete, 07 Nov 2019)
Sporting philosophy / motto
"Perseverance may not lead to success, but giving up will always lead to failure." (Athlete, 17 Jul 2017)
To win gold at the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo, and to become a coach in the sport after she retires from competition. (, 16 Oct 2018;, 31 Jan 2019;, 16 Dec 2020)
She lost her left arm in 1999 after accidentally touching an electrical transformer. (Athlete, 07 Nov 2019;, 31 Jan 2019;, 02 Oct 2015)


Unit Date Rank
Rio 2016 Paralympic Games (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Event Medal Unit Date Rank
Women's 400 m T47 Heat 1 2016-09-13 1
Women's 400 m T47 Final Round 2016-09-14 1
Women's 200 m T47 Heat 2 2016-09-15 3
Women's 200 m T47 Final Round 2016-09-16 3
World Para Athletics Championships London 2017 (London, Great Britain)
Event Medal Unit Date Rank
Women's 200 m T47 Heat 2 2017-07-14 4
Women's 200 m T47 Final 1 2017-07-15 3
Women's 100 m T47 Final 1 2017-07-18 3
Women's 400 m T47 Final 1 2017-07-23 1